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Nedland schools

  • Students enrolled: 55
  • List of school districts: Africa K-12 (0 students), Alikiir K-12 (9 students), Palazu K-12 (12 students), Montgomery Regions K-12 (6 students), European K-12 (10 students), Northern Virginia K-12 (7 students), Washington K-12 (11 students)
  • Racial demographics: 60.0% White, 16.4% Hispanic, 14.5% Black, 5.5% Asian, 1.8% Middle Eastern. Minority enrollment is highest in Palazu district (91.7%), lowest in Northern Virginia district (0.0%)
  • Economic demographics: 20.0% of students are eligible for free and reduced priced meals. Free lunch program participation is highest in Palazu district (83.3%). Four districts have no students that participate in the latter program.