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hi it is my new micro natian named the republic of maxland micro natian and im presedent and its called that cuz my name is max and i call it maxland cuz that is my name and my terratory is my bed room and my 1 population of is me max and im presedent also but i have a vice presedent also he is my iyern man and he helps me help to be a presedent i also have a flag that i drew and next days i hope to make army money natinal anthum. but i cant do it alone guys so, youcan help and be freinds with my micro natian just text me on the talk page and no treety or anything that i will need just say 'i suport maxland' and your good :) also i learned about micro natians cuz on my computer i fond out about ausinasia wich i think is super cool how he made freinds with other micro natians and i want my micro natian two be like his: maybe one day :D but who nows bye :D