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The rating system

First world - developed macronations (i.e. USA, UK, Germany, Poland, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Singapore, etc.) Second world (There is no more Soviet Union, so this is changed) - semi-developed macronations (i.e. Iran, Colombia, Russia, Ghana, Malaysia, Philippines, Morocco, Moldova, Brazil, Panama, Mexico, etc.) -- 2 1/2 world - those macronations that are in the grey area (i.e. India, Pakistan, Thailand, etc.) Third world - undeveloped or impoverished macronations (i.e. Togo, Vietnam, North Korea, Ecuador, Haiti, etc.) Fourth world - unrecognized macronations (i.e. Abkhazia, Sahrawi ADR, Transnistria, etc.) Fifth world - tax-evading secessionist micronations (i.e. Sealand) Sixth world - taxpaying secessionist micronations that (i.e. Nedland, Esse, Madrona, Molossia, etc.) Seventh world - non-serious secessionist micronations Eighth world - territorial simulationist micronations (i.e. Mcarthia) Ninth world - non-territorial micronations (i.e. Flammancia) Tenth world - alternative governments (i.e. Aryavart, Padania, etc.) Eleventh world - simulationist micronations claiming land in Antarctica or space. (i.e. Flandrensis, Aerican Empire, etc.) Twelfth world - micronations restricted to Micras (i.e. Shireroth) Thirteenth world - online-restricted micronations (i.e. Kingdom of Lovely)