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  • Less than 1 month: 0.1
  • 1 month: 0.5
  • 2 months 0.6
  • 6 months 1.0
  • 1 year 2.0
  • 2 years 3.0
  • 3 years 4.0
  • Over 3.5 years = 5.0


  • Mahuset: 3.6; low
  • Nedland: 5.5; low.
  • Paravia: 17.5; high.
  • Austenasia: 20.0; high
  • Uberstadt: 20.0; high
  • Beacon City: 17.5; high


  • Micronation is very new and makes little or no attempt to have professional conduct: 0.1
  • Micronation is experienced and makes little or no attempt to have professional conduct: 0.5
  • Micronation is newer to the community, but makes an attempt to be serious and advance their knowledge on how to conduct themselves professionally: 1.5
  • Micronation is more experienced, and displays intermediate knowledge of professional conduct: 2.0
  • Micronation is more experienced, and conducts themselves very well in the community: 3.5
  • Micronation has 1 1/2 years of experience or more and displays polite behavior and professional attitudes in all necessary venues: 5.0.

Secession (applies only to secessionist micronations)

  • Micronation is non-serious and has absolutely no goals or plans towards secession: 0.1
  • Micronation is semi-serious about secession, and has the beginnings or small parts of a plan to do so: 0.5
  • Micronation is relatively serious about secession, and has significantly developed part or parts of their plan to do so: 1.5
  • Micronation has clear plans for secession, but has not yet tested them in any meaningful way: 3.5
  • Micronation has a large following, and publicly advocates secession for their country - complete with complex and intricate plans to do so: 5.0

Simulation (applies only to simulationist micronations)

  • Micronation is barely a concept, has no framework for being a true simulation: 0.1
  • Micronation has some concepts for simulating a country planned out, but still has a long way to go: 0.5
  • Micronation shows an intermediate level of development in their culture, politics or some other aspect that allows them to stand out: 1.5
  • Micronation has developed culture and politics to the point where they are recognizably distinct or notable in the community: 3.5
  • Micronation has fully or near-fully developed all aspects of their simulation, widely respected or at least regarded in the community: 5.0


  • Micronation has one or two political parties, one or both of which are non-serious or severely undeveloped: 0.1
  • Micronation has 1-3 political parties, which are partly developed, and are recognizable as what they claim to be: 1.5
  • Some of micronation's parties have comprehensive manifestos, most parties show a decent amount of development: 3.5
  • All parties or political structure is/are developed, have comprehensive manifestos, and have clear goals which they attempt to pass in government to their best of their ability: 5.0


  • Micronation is very new or isolationist, and shows little or no interest in the greater community: 0.1
  • Micronation is relatively new to the community and has made between 3 and 4 diplomatic ties with other nations: 1.5
  • Micronation is relatively outgoing and has between 5 and 10 mutually recognized nations: 3.5
  • Micronation is very outgoing, and has relations with at least several well-respected nations. Well-regarded as a mentor and/or collaborator: 5.0.