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Have kind of a "Micronationalism for Dummies" format and wording. Rather informal, inviting, easily understandable by nooby-noobers, 2nd language people, and idiots.) I. Welcome

II. History of the Micronational World (Includes major history in general, MW, Wikia, whatever is available on FB, merge GUM and Recetnt Events. Also merge recent events. We can publish a yearly updated edition, but the book will not update itself, then it might as well be a magazine.)

III. Biographies (Extension of "List of Micronationalists," which is completely and utterly useless without additional info. Have biographies on agreed-upon notables, like Jon, Niels of Flandrensis, Michael Bates, Carolyn, etc. This is a topic for further discussion.)

IV. Etiquette, Formality and Conduct (Merge Forum Etiquette, Writing Wiki Articles. Write how to write wiki articles, how to act in informal and formal places, how to write wiki articles on here and Wikia, the perks, how to solve problems with it. Talks about all the rest of the good stuff that people are having trouble with as of late about EFC.)

V. Tips (Merge Don't Do, make more sub-sections on specific areas of tipping. Also make a more extensive don't-do with more detailed examples. This is a book, not a forum post.)

VI. Diplomacy (Don't list specific nations (Biased, who would you include?), instead have guide which defines treaties, alliances, extradition, formal/informal relations, etc. Provide good and bad examples of various types of treaties, and maybe have link to Micronational Relations Map and Micropages as examples.)

VII. Organisations (Merge Organisations, YAMOs, NC. Has sections on many organisations, like MCG, AMC, ILP, NC, AMU, UAMW, Italian Fascist UMN, etc. Also describe different types of organisations, what they mean, how to found them and why and all that (Basically the YAMO section), what people expect of you, etc.)

VIII. Skype (Merge, Skype Chatrooms, GUM Lounge, YBM, Ragged Flagon. Describe types of chatrooms, founding chatrooms if somebody was thinking about trying, and have 1-3 paragraphs on each major chatroom and the history of Skype micronationalism as well. Also how to register, what people use it for.)

IX. Media (Merge News Agencies, Coprieta Standard, RadioMicro. Having sections on the latter are extremely biased. A lot of major papers and outlets should have sections in the book, not just those which you participate in. Give info on writing articles, creating, writing, marketing your newspaper. Tells how to start radio station, and also how to appeal to certain audiences. Talks about how one should look on TV (RHYS ALERT!!) and how one should speak in public announcements and the radio; how to deliver speeches would also be good. Talks about the history of micronational media and maybe some key figures.)

X. Other Important Information (Link here to all manner of things, basically replaces "List of Micronations" in a sense, because it links to several lists. It should also link conveniently to various services and other sites and pages for things someone might need.)

XI. Index.

Unsure: Infographics: Infographics on what, exactly?
Eliminate: Interesting Threads to Read: This certainly does not pertain to the rest of the community. BEEG BEEG NIET-NIET.