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Court Country Seats
Supreme Court of Zealandia Zealandianflagnew.png Commonwealth of Zealandia 1
Crown Court of Überstadt Uberflag.jpg Kingdom of Überstadt 1
Dale Justice Court Flag of Dale Republic.png Dale Republic 1
Crown Court of Justice Flag of Florenia.jpg Kingdom of Florenia 3 (two consular)

Eran National Park

Eran National Park is a national park located in the Dominion of Afula, the capital of the Kingdom of Florenia. It is Florenia's first an only national park or protected area of any kind. It is bordered by Afula on all sides other than the south-east, on which it shares a border with the United States.

Eran National Park is comprised of a forest that lays on the coast of Floren Pond, the body of water that makes up the majority of Florenia's territory.

Prime Ministers

# Portrait Name
Honorifics and Constituency
Term of office

Electoral mandates
Other offices held Party Cabinets Monarch
1 No portrait His Royal Highness
The Prince Nathan
MP for Afula
17 August
Incumbent Democratic Liberal 1st Cabinet Eran
2011, 2013
First and to-date only Prime Minister of Florenia. First elected in 2011 and reelected in 2013, instituted all government action and proposed all bills in Parliament. Formed a small Cabinet, and governed mostly single-handedly. Formed the Florenian Judiciary, codified the government and armed forces, and instated a penal code. After over a year of inactivity, was ordered by Eran of Florenia to draw up plans for institutional reform under the terms of the November Declaration.

November Declaration

Royal Decree of HM The King
Royal cipher of Eran
Royal cipher of Eran
Created 25 November 2016
Location Dominion of Afula
Authors Eran of Florenia
Purpose To suspend Parliament, claim temporary powers of the King, and instruct the government to initiate reform

The November Declaration, more formally known as a Royal Decree of His Majesty The King, is a proclamation issued by Eran of Florenia on 25 November 2016. The declaration came after over a year of government inactivity, and was issued by Eran in order to claim temporary powers and instruct the government to begin institutional reform, among other actions.

The declaration begins by suspending Parliament and ordering the Prime Minister to draw up plans for reform. It was then separated into six proclamations.

  1. that henceforth the Sovereign of this Kingdom shall style Ourselves as His Majesty or Her Majesty – so changing the titles of all organizations bearing Our style – and that henceforth all matters of style and arms of the Sovereign and the
  2. that henceforth the Government of this Kingdom shall be His Majesty’s Government, so as to reflect it’s nature as Our government;
  3. that henceforth the Prime Minister and all ministers of government shall be so named and appointed by the Sovereign, under the recommendation of Our Prime Minister;
  4. that henceforth, while the Parliament is suspended and until otherwise proclaimed, Our edicts and orders shall be carried out by the Government of this Kingdom as are Acts of Parliament;
  5. that henceforth Our sole Electorate be renamed Afula, that it’s status as Electorate shall be removed, and that henceforth it shall serve as the seat of Our authority and the seat of Our government, and so in turn serve as the capital of this Kingdom;
  6. that henceforth Our authority as Sovereign of Florenia shall be derived from and based in the history of Our predecessors, the former owners of the lands of Our realm.
    — Eran of Florenia


Monarchical styles of
Reference styleHis Majesty
Spoken styleYour Majesty
Alternative styleSir, My Lord