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Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Justice
Ministry overview
Formed10 August 2014
JurisdictionKingdom of Florenia
HeadquartersNone official
Minister responsible
  • Vacant, Attorney General

The Ministry of Justice is the Florenian government ministry responsible for prosecution of crimes, policing, and the general maintenance of the justice. Created by Parliament on 10 August 2014 by the Ministry of Justice Act 2014. The Ministry is led by the Attorney General, who is the chief lawyer for the Florenian government and is responsible for overseeing the ministry and the prosecution of crimes in the Crown Court of Florenia. As a government minister, the Attorney General is appointed by the Monarch on recommendation by the Prime Minister, and is a member of the Cabinet. The position is currently vacant, and no individuals have been prosecuted by the government since the foundation of the ministry.

The primary function of the Ministry of Justice is the prosecution of alleged criminals and law enforcement. Mandated to exercise the latter responsibility is the Royal Police Force, or RPF, which is led by the Royal Commissioner of Police. The RPF is the only Florenian law enforcement organization. The other branch of the ministry is the Florenian Bar Association, which is headed by the Solicitor General. The Bar Association is responsible for regulating all individuals certified to practice law in the Crown Court as attorneys. As of yet, no individuals have been detained and/or pursued by the RPF and no individuals have been prosecuted in the Crown Court. None of the positions within the ministry have been filled.