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14 This user's nation has a population of 14
EN-5 This user is able to contribute fluent English.
Flag of Florenia.jpg This user is a citizen and resident of the Kingdom of Florenia
UK royal standard.png This user LOVES British Monarchy
Crown.jpg This user is the Heir of the Throne to a nation.
Crown.jpg This user is a royal
000000000000000.jpg This user is a Prime Minister

Hello, I am His Royal Highness The Prince Nathan, and I am the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Florenia.

Page Status Content
Sandbox Active Testing tables (this table, actually)
Sandbox 2 Active Page creation (MoJ)
Sandbox 3 Active Infobox testing and storage
Sandbox 4 Active Page drafts
Sandbox 5 Active Page drafts
Sandbox 6 Active Template drafts

Nathan Kingdom of Florenia 23:57, 7 August 2014 (BST)