Mirdov M. Kron

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Mirdov M. Kron
4th Secretary-General of NMU
{{{assumed/in 1}}} office
4 Nov 2015
Predecessor Park-Ji-Hong
Successor Yi-Geon-Young
Vice President of FDFR
{{{assumed/in 2}}} office
23 Sep 2016
Predecessor (office established)
Successor (office abolished)
Minister of Supreme Ministry of Foreign Affairs of FDFR
{{{assumed/in 3}}} office
11 Apr 2017
Predecessor (office established)
Successor (vacant)
Personal information
Born A.M. 33.18.33
Citizenship Freetowner
Nationality Korean, South
Residence Seoul, FDFR

Mirdov M. Kron (known also as Misterms online) is a pioneer in the 3rd micronational era of South Korea. He started his micronational life in July 31, 2015 when he announced Mine Democratic Republic, which was a virtual nation, as a micronation.