Mirdov M. Kron

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His Execellency
Mirdov M. Kron
Pioneer of the 2nd Micronational Era,
One who saw rise to Korean Micronations,
Founder of UKM

File:Mirdov M. Kron.jpg
1st GA Chairman of UKM
In office 13 Feburary 2018 - present
Predecessor Office Established
President of the Jusin Republic
In office 1 January 2018 - present
Predecessor Office established
Successor Active
Reign d - present
Predecessor d
Reign 19 October 2010 - 10 November 2010
Reign 6 September 2004 - 31 July 2006
d - present
Predecessor d
Successor d
d d
House d
Born A.M. 33th of 18th, 33
Seoul, South Korea
Religion Aetheist

Mirdov M. Kron (known also as Misterms online) is a pioneer in the 2nd micronational era of South Korea. He started his micronational life in July 31, 2015 when he announced Mine Democratic Republic, which was a virtual nation, as a micronation.