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First to play it you need to know how to play the normal version

First you need three players and a ball,

You are thinking "what type of ball?".

The best types of balls are beach balls like this one >>>



But all balls are actually good.

The one who had the idea to play Somebodyball is the main player,

He needs to throw it at somebody.

If the ball touches somebody's body(exclusive head) he is the main player,

But if the main player doesn't touches somebody then he must try again to throw it.

You may not get the ball off the ground when it hit nobody.

Then you are the main player,

Now you know the normal Somebodyball.

Now a little explaining about C Somebodyball.

If you throw the ball to someone and it touches him the main player gets a point.

You do this for 15 minutes

If it is then like (player 1)0-(player 2)0-(player 3)1,

Then player 3 wins.

You know if it is like 0-1-0 or like 1-0-0

If it is like 0-1-1 then player 1 loses and you play until someone makes a point and the one who makes the point wins.

If it is like 1-1-1 then you play until someone makes a point like this 1-2-1 and then the one who maked the point is the winner.

Now you know C Somebodyball,

Now about EC Somebodyball,

You need 2 teams of 7 players (14 in total) and you can throw to one of your own team but you don't make a point if someone from your team throws it to someone of the other team and it touches him your team makes a point this also takes 15 minutes but if it is like 0-0 or 1-1 etc. then you stop