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Fourth Renwick Ministry
25th ministry of Abelden
Photo of Patrick 1.jpg
Date formed 19 July 2017
People and organizations
Head of government Patrick Renwick
Head of state Stephen I & II
Member party Abeldane National Party
Independence Party
Social Ecology Party
Labour Party
Status in legislature Coalition
Opposition party Federalist Party
Worker's Party
Opposition leader Michael Thomas Brazeau
Election(s) None
Outgoing election 2017 III
Legislature term(s) 6th Reichsversammlung
Previous Renwick III

Patrick Renwick, who formed the Third Renwick Ministry was re-elected as Vorsitzender on 6 June 2017 with a landslide. Avro Keatings was also re-elected as Stellvertreter with a one vote difference between him and Dallin Langford. A coalition was formed between the Abeldane National Party, the Independence Party, Abeldane Party and the Social Ecology Party. The Labour Party currently is in confidence-and-supply with the government in the Reichsversammlung. On 7 July 2017, the Abeldane Party was removed from the coalition following an agreement between the coalition parties.

On 19 July 2017, Emperor Stephen abolished the Third Renwick Ministry following a major reorganisation of the Cabinet. It was preceded by the Second Renwick Ministry and was succeeded by the Fourth Renwick Ministry, all formed by Renwick himself.


Portfolio Minister Term
Cabinet ministers
Monarch His Imperial and Royal Exalted Majesty Stephen 2014 – present
Vorsitzender The Rt Hon. The Marquis of Bessatre MP 2017 – present
Minister of Cabinet Office
Secretary of Linguistic Affairs for German
The Rt Hon. The Baron Kerfoot MP 2017 – present
Generalmememarschall The Rt Hon. The Duke of Manchester MP 2017 – present
Chancellor of the Treasury The Rt Hon. The Duke of Brandburg MP 2017 – present
Attorney General The Rt Hon. Tarik Karjasary MP 2017 – present
Minister of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs The Rt Hon. Edwin Farrar MP 2017 – present
Minister of Media and Governmental Communications The Rt Hon. The Baron Kavanah MP 2017 – present
Minister of Culture
Director of the Abeldane Intelligence Agency
The Rt Hon. The Countess of New Douala MP 2017 – present
Minister of Homeland and Geographical Affairs
Secretary of Cartography
The Rt Hon. The Marquis of Middleham MP 2017 – present
Minister of Orthography The Rt Hon. The Duke of Dolonia MP 2017 – present
Also attending cabinet meetings
Supreme Justice
Leader of the Independence Party
The Rt Hon. The Marquis of New Keutschen MP 2017 – present
Secretary of Infographics Vacant 2017 – present