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Azik Revolt
Status Ongoing
Nedland ANF Flag.png South Azik National Front
Chakar Human Rights Alliance
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Nedland.png Ned Greiner
Flag of Nedlandic Hasanistan.png Hasan Çakar
Flag of Nedlandic Hasanistan.png Detapchul Dobritsinov
ANF Flag.png Enkhjin Nawayanbayarow
ANF Flag.png Baylul Erenow
Flag of Nedland.png 15, plus 12 pro-Nedlandic volunteers ANF Flag.png 10

The Azik Revolt is an ongoing military conflict between the government of Nedland and the South Azik National Front (ANF) and the Chakar Human Rights Alliance, both of which are revolutionary groups active in the Nedlandic areas of Central Asia. The war broke out when Azik and Chakar minorities, who feel they are treated as second-class citizens, revolted against Nedlandic rule in South Azikistan and Chakaristan. Currently, the rebels control the cities of Batachor, Shamanbe and Chakarov, but Tuwangalu is still held by the Nedlandic government.

The cities of Chakarov and Shamanbe were retaken an hour after Azik independence was declared, and ten of the militants, including Enkhjin Nawayanbayarow, surrendered. Batachor is still held by the militants. Later in the day, Batachor was taken, and the militants have now been cornered in the town of Dalan. There are reportedly 10 militants hiding out in Dalan.