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Association for the Improvement of Micronations (AIM)
Intermicronational organisation

Headquarters AIM - Official Chat (Skype)

Official language(s) English

Membership 7 pre-member states; 4 observers.

Leadership The organisation is run by a council.

Conceiving 21 September 2015

None yet

The Association for the Improvement of Micronations, commonly abbreviated as AIM, is a developing intermicronational organisation currently in planning, with the aim of solving problems with the community and with micronations from all corners of society, and help them improve. It also supports diplomacy and proper conduct between micronations, and also seeks to establish societal rules which all members should follow and in which all members will be treated entirely equally. Originally conceived by Ned Greiner, he was helped immensely by Patrick Renwick and Radia Crann. It is expected to take 3-4 months of planning before its official opening.

Unlike MNTO, it features many of their rules, except they are modified and the organisation has no leader, because one leader has been the ultimate downfall of many a famous organisation.

Before the organisation has an official charter, delegates will read up on where various organisations went wrong and set rules in place to prevent them. Before MNTO's founding, Ned Greiner had only briefly reviewed problems mentioned on the forum, and nothing else. This organisation is planned to not have such a flaw.

If a member is inactive for four months without notice, their membership will be suspended. If a member says they are taking a break for a certain amount of time, they will not be suspended past four months. However, if they do not come back 2 months after the deadline of said break, their membership will be suspended.

Planned member states


Signed-up members