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The Mouzeliot system is Mouzilo's form of government containing elements of constitutional and elective monarchy. Mouzilo is a Republic led by an elected monarch, called Basileus. The current Basileus of Mouzilo is Manolis Afentoulis.

Despite being a District of Ashukovo, Mouzilo maintains a certain level of autonomy in accordance with the Constitution of the Ashukov Federation.

Due to the lack of citizens necessary for the proper function of the Government, Mouzilo is de facto an absolute monarchy.


Mouzilo is a democratic constitutional monarchy with an elected monarch as the head of state, head of government, Supreme Judge, guarantor of the Constitution, and commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces. Executive power is exercised by the government (the Basileus and the Ministers he appoints), the legislative power is vested in the parliament of Mouzilo, the Kältor, and the judiciary is excercised by the Basileus, though the legislative maintains a defining level of influence in the appointment of judges to the courts.

The Republic operates under the framework of a written Constitution which defines all powers distributed in the three branches of government, all related to the Basileus.

Distribution of powers