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As national symbols of Ashukovo are considered the symbols that are used in Ashukovo and abroad to represent the country and its people. Prominently, the golden eagle is the emblem most commonly associated with Ashukovo, as evidenced by its extensive use on the coat of arms, the national flag, documents, and emblems, insignia or logos of Ashukov associations or individuals.


Flag of Ashukovo
See adjacent text.
Use National flag and ensign
Proportion 2:3
Adopted 27 January 2017
Design A "horizontal tricolour of blue, red, and white, with the escutcheon Coat of Arms of the Ashukov Federation in the centre."[1].
Designed by Manolis Afentoulis

The flag of Ashukovo is a tricolor consisting of three equal horizontal bands, blue on the top, red in the middle and white on the bottom. A similar tricolor, though with vertical bands, has been used for most of Ashukovo's existence. The current form of the flag was officially adopted on 27 January 2017. The flag is often nicknamed "Ashukov tricolor".


The flag of Ashukovo is the sole flag of the Federation, used as the national, state and civil flag, as well as the ensign. It bears the lesser coat of arms of Ashukovo - the escuthcheon, as the Constitution specifies - centered and vertical. The flag ratio is 2 to 3 (height/width), with three equal horizontal bands of red, blue and white, each taking one third of the height. Though not explicitly described in the constitution, the colors in use are:

Scheme Blue Red Gold Dark Gold Brown Pink Dark Pink Crimson
Pantone 662C1 485C1 106C 618C 133C1 Warm Red C1 484C 1815C1
Hex 000075 CC0000 FADF4F B29F36 554400 E94545 A02C2C 800000
RGB 198-54-60 204-0-0 250-223-79 178-159-54 65-68-0 233-69-69 160-44-44 128-0-0
1 Closest value

When the first flag was adopted in 2013, the blue-red-white combination was chosen to emphasize Ashukovo's slavic character, as these are the colors often used by slavic nations. However in recent times the symbolism has changed, with blue and red symbolizing Slavic culture and blue and white symbolizing Greek culture.


20140630004326!Ashukovo flag.png Ashukovo flag.png Flag of the Tsardom of Ashukovo.png Flag of Ashukovo.png
24 May 2013–29 Jun 2014 29 Jun 2014–11 Oct 2014 11 Oct 2014–27 Jan 2017 27 Jan 2017-present

The first flag was adopted on the day of Ashukovo's establishment. It was a tricolor of three vertical bands in blue, red and white, the Pan-Slavic colors. In the middle it featured the Coat of Arms of Ashukovo, which occupied most of the space. The flag was lasted more than a year and was later simplified, on the 30th of June, 2014.[2] The flag changed again that year, on the 11th of October, when Ashukovo became a Tsardom. The new flag featured bands in darker shades of blue and red, as well as the Ashukov crown in gold in the middle. Additionally, the flag's proportion changed to 1:2, from 2:3. The flag of the Tsardom was the longest lasting in Ashukovo and was often used alongside the older tricolor until January 2017, when the nation became a Federation once again. The flag the Second Federation adopted has horizontal bands, rather than vertical, and features a simplified version of the coat of arms. Moreover, its proportions were reverted to 2:3. It is the flag currently used by Ashukovo.


The Coat of Arms of Saint Constantine, an example of the flag without the escutcheon in the middle.

There are no provisions in regards to the proper use of the flag. Also, no law explicitly states that the flag may not have a civil variant which doesn't feature the coat of arms. However, this is considered to be implied by the Constitution, which only describes one flag. It is also important to note that the flag is only seen without the escutcheon in the middle in the coats of arms of the Districts.

Other flags

Similar flags

The color scheme used by the flag of Ashukovo is common with many flags in the world. However, certain flags bear very close resemblance to that of Ashukovo, often causing confusion. Flags with which it is confused, are:

  • Flag of Mosavia.png The flag of Mosavia is the most prominent micronational flag with which Ashukovo's looks alike.
  • Flag of Sorbs.png The flag of the Sorbs bears similarity with the flag used in the arms of Ashukov Districts
    • Dolnoserbski.png The Sorbian flag used in Brandenburg is the foreign flag looking the most like the flag of Ashukovo, as it features an escutcheon with an eagle in its middle.
  • Flag of Moravia (tricolour with white).png The flag of the Moravians also looks like a possible Ashukov civil flag, though upside down.
  • Flag of the Polish-Lithuanian-Ruthenian Commonwealth (January Uprising).png The flag of the January Uprising of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, like the previous flag, also looks like an upside down Ashukov flag, with the addition of a shield featuring an eagle holding a cross.

Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms of the Ashukov Federation
Coat of Arms of Ashukovo.png
Lesser Coat of Arms of the Ashukov Federation.png
Lesser arms (escutcheon)
Adopted27 January 2017
EscutcheonGules, an eagle displayed, beaked, and langued or, holding in its beak an Orthodox Cross or
SupportersTwo lions rampant or
CompartmentA decoration or, superimposed by a ribbon azure, bearing the motto in capital letters or, the words of the motto separated in half by an Orthodox Cross or, positioned in the center of the ribbon
MottoLatin: DEUS VULT (God wills it)

References and notes

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  2. Constitution amended for 16th time; new flag adopted. Ashukovski Vesti, June 29 2014