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Year National Symbols Official name Period of existence Duration Form of government
2013 20140630004326!Ashukovo flag.png
Ashukovo flag.png
Ashukovo arms.png I. Ashukov Federation 25 May 2013 - 12 October 2014 1 Year, 4 Months, 17 Days Federal Semi-Presidential Constitutional Republic
Flag of the Tsardom of Ashukovo.png Greater CoA of the Tsardom of Ashukovo.png Tsardom of Ashukovo 12 October 2014 - 29 January 2017 2 Years, 3 Months, 17 Days Constitutional Absolute Monarchy
Flag of Ashukovo.png Coat of Arms of Ashukovo.png II. Ashukov Federation 29 January 2017 - 5 April 2020 3 Years, 2 Months, 7 Days Federal Presidential Constitutional Republic
2018 Jan. Flag of the State of Ashukovo.png CoA of the State of Ashukovo.png State of Ashukovoa 2 - 27 January 2018 25 Days Federal Single-Party Presidential Republic
2018 Flag of Ashukovo.png Coat of Arms of Ashukovo.png II. Ashukov Federation As above
Kingdom of Ashukovo flag.png Kingdom of Ashukovo coat of arms.png Republic of Ashukovo 5 April 2020 - Present N/A Unitary Presidential Republic

Notes: aThe State of Ashukovo coexisted with and as a separate entity from the II. Ashukov Federation, which was considered inactive at the time.
The State considered itself a successor to the Federation, which was de jure still extant. The two states had no knowledge of the existence of the other.


Greater Coat of Arms of Mouzilo.png Demokratisck Republiek fon Mouzilo Союз Ашуковския Соцялистския Рэспублики


Flag Coat of Arms Region SCM-1000 Code Capital Established Pop. Area (m2) Official language(s)
Analipsis Theme Flag.png Analipsi CoA.png Imperial, New and Second Constantinople, Third Rome
Greek: Βασιλίς, Νέα και Δευτέρα Κωνσταντινούπολις, Τρίτη Ρώμη
NC New Constantinople 2.956,74 Greek
Hagiopolis Flag.png Hagiopolis CoA.png Hagiopolis Capital District
Greek: Επικράτεια Πρωτεύουσας Πόλης Αγιουπόλεως
HA Hagiopolis 19 May 2012 3 48,95 Greek
MouziloFlag.png Coat of Arms of Mouzilo.png Kingdom of Mouzilo
Greek: Ρηγάτον του Μουζήλου
MZ Mouzilo 2.956,74 Greek
Mouzeliot Islands Theme Flag.png MzIslands CoA.png Mouziliot Islands
Greek: Μουζηλιώτικοι Νήσοι
MI Aegina ~100 Greek
Sts Andrew and George Theme Flag.png Ss Andrew George CoA.png Sts. George and Andrew
Greek: Αγ. Γεώργιος και Ανδρέας
GA Bucephalus 4.042 Greek
MouziloFlag.png Cnidus CoA.png Cnidus
Greek: Κνίδος
CN Cnidus Greek
Rhomania Flag.png Rhomania CoA.png Basileia of the Romans RH New Constantinople
~7,716.52‬ Greek
Flag Coat of Arms Name
Native Name(s)
Capital Population Area (m²) Leader Region Map Map of Mouzilo
Capital District
Hagiopolis Capital District
Greek: Κυρίαρχη Περιοχή Αγιπολης
Hagiopolis 3
Mouzilo Theme Flag.png Mouzilo Theme CoA.png Theme of Mouzilo
Greek: Θέμα Μουζήλου
Szredian: Thema Mouzilan
Mouzilo 1 Vacant

Administered directly by the Basileus

Analipsis Theme Flag.png Theme of Analipsis
Greek: Θέμα Αναλήψεως
Szredian: Thema Analipsisan
Sts Andrew and George Theme Flag.png Sts Andrew and George Theme CoA.png Theme of Sts. George and Andrew
Greek: Θέμα Αγ. Γεωργίου και Ανδρέα
Szredian: Thema Ütt. Jeorgiosan a Adreasan
Mouzeliot Islands Theme Flag.png Mouzeliot Islands Theme CoA.png Theme of Mouzeliot Islands
Greek: Θέμα Μουζηλιωτών Νήσων
Szredian: Thema Mouzilivæjän Njøszän
Kulgur of Cnidus
Greek: Κουλγούρι Κνίδου
Szredian: Kulgur Knidosan

National Front

The National Front (Greek: Μέτωπον Εθνικόν), often referred to simply as the Front, is a national, public and voluntary political organisation in Rhomania, the sole of its kind, the aim of which is the assembly of Roman citizens from all walks of life for the achievement of national goals. The Front operates as both a party and a syndicate, and enjoys several privileges as outlined in the Roman Constitution. It is the only body eligible for participation in the Boule of the Demos, and de facto also participates in the Senate, whose members tend to also be members of the Front.

On the top of the Front's administration is the Basileus, holding the title "First Metoparch" (Greek: Πρώτος Μετωπάρχης, literally "First Front-ruler"). The Front expresses the basic ideology of the Basileia in five tenets, namely Religion, Basileus, Fatherland, People and Family. For each of those tenets exist five subgroups within the Front, each de facto centered around other organisations in the Empire. Those are:

  • Orthodox Association of the Basileia of the Romans, representing the tenet of Religion,
  • St. Constantine the Great Foundation, representing the tenet regarding the Basileus,
  • Imperial Roman Gendarmerie, representing the tenet of Fatherland,
  • Worker's, Farmer's and Student's Association, representing the tenet of the People,
  • Association of Orthodox Families, representing the tenet of Family.

The Front convenes in the yearly National Front Convention, held a week before the annual elections for the Boule. It is also possible for extraordinary assemblies to be held, whenever situation deems it necessary. For matters of less significance to the greater public, the assemblies of each of the aforementioned organisations are convened more regularly.


Grand Unified Micronational
Chairmanship elections, June 2017
GUM logo.png

June 2017

120px 120px
Candidate Name1 Name2
Country Country1 Country2
Votes Votes1 Votes2

Chairman before election
Elected Chairman
Henry Clément

Essian Commonwealth




Day 1

  • Eagles-Spartak 85-82
  • Dynamo-Owls 62-63
  • Lions-Roosters 91-64
  • Baptists-Caps 68-94


  • Owls-Eagles
  • Roosters-Dynamo
  • Caps-Lions
  • Spartak-Baptists

Day 3

  • Eagles-Roosters
  • Dynamo-Caps
  • Lions-Spartak
  • Baptists-Owls

Day 4

  • Caps-Eagles
  • Spartak-Dynamo
  • Owls-Lions
  • Roosters-Baptists

Day 5

  • Spartak-Caps
  • Roosters-Owls
  • Eagles-Dynamo
  • Lions-Baptists

Day 6

  • Lions-Eagles
  • Roosters-Spartak
  • Baptists-Dynamo
  • Owls-Caps

Day 7

  • Caps-Roosters
  • Spartak-Owls
  • Caps-Roosters
  • Eagles-Baptists

Days 8, 9, 10, 11 , 12, 13 and 14 are the same games but with the away team hosting the home team.

Historical affiliations
Flag of Greece.png Greece -2012

Flag of Kingdom of Mouzilo.png Kingdom of Mouzilo 19 May 2012 - 13 Dec 2012 MouziloFlag.png Mouzilo Empire 13 Dec 2012 - 15 Dec 2013

UEMM flag.png part of the United Empire 7 Apr 2013 - May 2013

KekropiaFlag.png part of Kekropia 15 Jul 2013 - 7 Aug 2013

MouziloFlag.png Democratic Republic of Mouzilo 15 Dec 2013 - 11 Oct 2014

Ashukovo flag.png part of the Ashukov Federation 15 Dec 2013 - 11 Oct 2014

MouziloFlag.png State of Mouzilo 11 Oct 2014–present

Flag of the Tsardom of Ashukovo.png part of the Tsardom of Ashukovo 11 Oct 2014 - Feb 2015

Thessania Flagg.png part of Thessania 18 Apr 2015 - 2015

Flag of Ashukovo.png part of the Ashukov Federation 19 Jan 2017 - 26 Dec 2017