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FFL Klerksdorp

Klerksdorp flag.pngKlerksdorp CoA.png

Klerksdorp, South Africa
Official language(s) English, Klerksdorp Chathan, Greek
Short name Klerksdorp
This state is part of the Democratic Republic of Mouzilo

Orthodox Church of Ashukovo

Christian Orthodox Church of Ashukovo
Coat of Arms
Active 11 April 2014 - present
Holy See Laru
Territory Ashukovo
Primate HH Christodoulos I, Patriarch of All Ashukovo
Important places
Church of St. Leonides, Mouzilo[1]
Church of St. George, Mouzilo
General data
Languages Ashukov (liturgical)
 • Medieval Greek in Mouzilo
English (for documents)
Dioceses TBA
Churches 6 [2]

The Orthodox Church of Ashukovo (OCA;Ashukov: Ашуковски Православяски Цркова Ashukovski pravoslavyanski crkova) is a de facto autocephalous Orthodox Christian church exercising jurisdiction over Ashukov Orthodox Christians in the Ashukov Federation and in no communion with other Eastern Orthodox churches. It is the biggest organized church in Ashukovo being also the state church.

The church was founded on April 11th 2014, by a team of 4 Ashukov officials. This meeting could also be characterized as the first Holy Synod of the Ashukov Orthodox Church, a body consisted of the Patriarch of All Ashukovo and the church's Bishops, which convenes regularly and in which the Patriarch is primus inter pares. The current Patriarch is Christodoulos I, Bishop of Mouzilo

Most Ashukov Orthodox Christians claim that their Church is the one of the "correct faith and glorification of God" an idea coming from the church's name, "Православя" (Pravoslavya) itself a calque from the Greek "Ορθοδοξία" (Orthodoxia) a union of the word ορθός (orthos, "straight" "correct" "true" "right") and δόξα (doxa, "glory" but also "worship" "belief").

The church is currently not recognized by any of the canonical (or not) Christian Orthodox Churches.

  1. Byzantine church, built in the 5th century AD
  2. 6 churches are located within the territory claimed by Ashukov states


Greater Coat of Arms of Mouzilo.png Demokratisck Republiek fon Mouzilo Союз Ашуковския Соцялистския Рэспублики

Flag Emblem Name
Native Name(s)
Population Area (m²) Leader
Capital District
Hagiopolis Capital District
Greek: Κυρίαρχη Περιοχή Αγιόπολης
3 Emmanuel Tsompanoglou
Mouzilo Theme Flag.png Mouzilo Theme CoA.png Canton of Mouzilo
Greek: Θέμα Μουζήλου
Szredian: Thema Mouzilan
1 Emmanuel Tsompanoglou
Flag of Klausio.png Canton of Klausio
Greek: Καντόνι Κλαυσίου
Szredian: Kantoon Klafsiosz
Emmanuel Tsompanoglou
Sts Andrew and George Theme Flag.png Sts Andrew and George Theme CoA.png Theme of Sts. George and Andrew
Greek: Θέμα Αγ. Γεωργίου και Ανδρέα
Szredian: Thema Ütt. Jeorgiosan a Adreasan
Mouzeliot Islands Theme Flag.png Mouzeliot Islands Theme CoA.png Theme of Mouzeliot Islands
Greek: Θέμα Μουζηλιωτών Νήσων
Szredian: Thema Mouzilivæjän Njøszän
Flag of Glyfada.png Canton of Glyfada
Greek: Καντόνι Γλυφάδας
Szredian: Kantoon Glyfådusz
Emmanuel Tsompanoglou
Kulgur of Cnidus
Greek: Κουλγούρι Κνίδου
Szredian: Kulgur Knidosan
St.Paul Kulgur Flag.png St.Paul Theme CoA.png Kraj of St. Paul
Mountain Szredian: Kulguur Ütt. Pavlosan
Emmanuel Tsompanoglou
Klerksdorp flag.png Klerksdorp CoA.png Kraj of Klerksdorp
Klerksdorp Chathan: Kraj fon Klerksdorp`


Autonomous Socialist People's Republic of Mouzilo
Αυτόνομη Σοσιαλιστική Λαϊκή Δημοκρατία του Μουζήλου


Flag of ASPRM.png
de jureKKE flag.gif
de facto

Official language(s) Greek
Short name West Mouzilo

West Mouzilo (Greek: Δυτικό Μουζήλο), officially the Autonomous Socialist People's Republic of Mouzilo (Greek: Αυτόνομη Σοσιαλιστική Λαϊκή Δημοκρατία του Μουζήλου) was a short-lived socialist council republic founded during the early days of the State of Mouzilo on the western part of its then borders.

Founded in the aftermath of the Mouzilo civil conflict on March 2013, the republic slowly fell into inactivity and was considered defunct by 2014. The Secretary General of the People's Council throughout the state's existence was Markos Apostolopoulos.


The end of the Civil Conflict in early 2013 found Communist forces frustrated, as their struggle bore no fruit. Unsatisfied with the monarchy in Mouzilo, the two Communist parties of Mouzilo, now illegal in the Empire, held discussions about their future course of action. Part of the discussions was the establishment of a new independent socialist state, a notion that quickly gained support among the ranks of the two parties. The two sides soon agreed on forming an autonomous socialist council republic. The declaration of independence was the first act of the newly formed state, followed by elections in which the Communist Party and the Soviet Communist Party formed the Communist Front coalition which gained 100% of the popular vote.

5 delegates were elected in the People's Council, who soon had to decide who the Secretary General would be. The subsequent election of the Council put Apostolopoulos in the position, who although legally considered the first among equals, he often was seen as the republic's sole leader.

Reaction from the Empire

West Mouzilo's establishment was met unfavourably by the Empire. The then-Emperor Emmanuel II called the socialist state "an attempt to distort [Mouzeliot] values, violate the state's sovereignity and cause a new conflict". Despite the harsh opposition to the new state, the Empire made no actions in order to suppress what was considered a rebellion in order to avoid another conflict, also believing that the republic would soon collapse.


The republic was offically described as a Marxist-Leninist multi party council republic. The most prominent institution was the People's Council (Greek: Λαϊκό Συμβούλιο), elected for a term of 6 months and de facto headed by the Secretary General, a position legally equal to the Secretaries (members of the People's Council). The Secretary General, as well as the ministers, dubbed "Responsibles" (as in "Secretary Responsible for the Economy", abreviated in English as "Sec.Re. for Economy"), had to be elected members of the Council and served for 6 months as well.

The Council as well as the government were dominated by the Communist Front, a coalition of the Communist Party of Mouzilo and the Soviet Communist Party. Starting with 5 members, the Council was composed of 3 members of the Communist Party and 2 of the Soviet Communist. The first and only Secretary General of the Council was Markos Apostolopoulos, General Secretary of the CP. The de facto deputy was the Sec.Re. for Foreign Affairs and Chairman of the Grand Soviet of the SCP, Stefanos Sarantis.

Opposition parties were allowed to be established and compete in the elections, but none such existed. The reason was that, according to the March 2013 elections, 100% of the voting base were either supporters of the CP or of the SCP. The state's short life also didn't give the chance to the formstion of an opposition. The ASPRM claims the fame that it was the sole completely communist state in history.



Grand Unified Micronational
Chairmanship elections, June 2017
GUM logo.png

June 2017

120px 120px
Candidate Name1 Name2
Country Country1 Country2
Votes Votes1 Votes2

Chairman before election
Elected Chairman
Henry Clément

Essian Commonwealth




Day 1

  • Eagles-Spartak 85-82
  • Dynamo-Owls 62-63
  • Lions-Roosters 91-64
  • Baptists-Caps 68-94


  • Owls-Eagles
  • Roosters-Dynamo
  • Caps-Lions
  • Spartak-Baptists

Day 3

  • Eagles-Roosters
  • Dynamo-Caps
  • Lions-Spartak
  • Baptists-Owls

Day 4

  • Caps-Eagles
  • Spartak-Dynamo
  • Owls-Lions
  • Roosters-Baptists

Day 5

  • Spartak-Caps
  • Roosters-Owls
  • Eagles-Dynamo
  • Lions-Baptists

Day 6

  • Lions-Eagles
  • Roosters-Spartak
  • Baptists-Dynamo
  • Owls-Caps

Day 7

  • Caps-Roosters
  • Spartak-Owls
  • Caps-Roosters
  • Eagles-Baptists

Days 8, 9, 10, 11 , 12, 13 and 14 are the same games but with the away team hosting the home team.

Historical affiliations
Flag of Greece.png Greece -2012

Flag of Kingdom of Mouzilo.png Kingdom of Mouzilo 19 May 2012 - 13 Dec 2012 MouziloFlag.png Mouzilo Empire 13 Dec 2012 - 15 Dec 2013

UEMM flag.png part of the United Empire 7 Apr 2013 - May 2013

KekropiaFlag.png part of Kekropia 15 Jul 2013 - 7 Aug 2013

MouziloFlag.png Democratic Republic of Mouzilo 15 Dec 2013 - 11 Oct 2014

Ashukovo flag.png part of the Ashukov Federation 15 Dec 2013 - 11 Oct 2014

MouziloFlag.png State of Mouzilo 11 Oct 2014–present

Flag of the Tsardom of Ashukovo.png part of the Tsardom of Ashukovo 11 Oct 2014 - Feb 2015

Thessania Flagg.png part of Thessania 18 Apr 2015 - 2015

Flag of Ashukovo.png part of the Ashukov Federation 19 Jan 2017 - 26 Dec 2017