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House of Afentoulis
House of Afentoulis CoA.png
Country Mouzilo, United Empire, United Empire of Hasanistan and Mouzilo, Ashukovo
Titles  • Basileus of Mouzilo
  • Grand Duke of Imvrassia
  • Co-Emperor of the United Empire
  • Emperor of the United Empire of Hasanistan and Mouzilo
  • Tsar of Ashukovo
Founded Unknown
Founder Unknown
Current head HH The Despoina Mother
Residence Fener residence (unknown-1955)
Athens residence (1955-2012)
Hagiopolis residence (2012-current)
Ethnicity Greek
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The House of Afentoulis (Greek: Οίκος των Αφεντούληδων, Ikos ton Afentoulidon) is a micronational royal house of ethnic Greek origin, currently reigning over Mouzilo.

The family is of Constantinopolitan origin, belonging to the community of Phanariotes. Its date of foundation and origin is unknown, however it was recognized as a noble family of Mouzilo in mid-2012, later being elevated to royal.

The family, through Manolis Afentoulis, has reigned over several nations, including Ashukovo and the United Empire. It is sometimes referred to as the 'Afentoulis of Hagiopolis.


The family's name, Afentoulis (Greek: Αφεντούλης), originates from the Greek word afentis (αφέντης, Ancient Greek: αυθέντης, authentis), meaning "ruler", "lord". The name' s etymology suggests that the family's ancestors possibly were, at some point, rulers or lords of Byzantine Territories, though such a theory has not been confirmed.

As common with Greek noble houses, the House of Afentoulis uses a surname for its identification rather than a place name, as is common in most European houses. Therefore in Greek the house's full name, Οίκος των Αφεντούληδων (Ikos ton Afentoulidon), literally means "House of the Afentoulises".



The family's ultimate origin is unknown and there are only speculations regarding it. Its name and Phanariote origin suggest that during Byzantine times it possibly held high ranking positions and possibly a lordship.

The family first appears in records in late 19th - early 20th century, as merchants. Around that time the ancestral house of the family is attested, being located in the opposite of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople in the Fener district, the mainly Greek district of Constantinople.

Relocation to Greece

In 1923 all members of the family except its patriarch found themselves in Greece for vacation. During that time the population exchange between Greece and Turkey took place, leaving the family locked in Greece and unable to return to Constantinople. At the same time, its patriarch was also unable to leave. This resulted in the 22-year separation of the family (Houses of Afentoulis-Athens and Afentoulis-Fener), until September 1955, when, following the Istanbul pogrom, all properties of the family on Turkish soil were sold and the family was finally reunited in Athens.

Royal family in Mouzilo

With the foundation of Mouzilo the House of Afentoulis was declared a noble house, becoming the second recognised House in Mouzilo after the House of Triantafyllos, the royal house. After the deposition of King Emmanuel I, the House of Afentoulis took power eventually becoming a royal House, and currently the only House in Mouzilo.

List of Afentoulis rulers


Monarchs of Mouzilo

Dates indicate reigns, not lifetimes


Monarchs of Ashukovo

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Claimants to the Ashukov throne

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United Empire of Mahuset and Mouzilo

Co-monarchs of the United Empire

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United Empire of Hasanistan and Mouzilo

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Grand Dukes of Imvrassia

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1 The title is honorific, and not hereditary.