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The emblem of the religion
Other names
The Father
Æksso (Lord)
Drøj Jæs (Real God)
Important Figures Krastår
Holy book Tål storre könolt Tølnduran
The big book of Tølndur
The church of Tolndur emblem.png
The emblem of the Church of Tølndur
Holy See Various
Founded 2015

Hattrå (or Xattrå,ЋႧΠΠႦႧ', Szredian for "faith") is a monotheistic religion based around the worship of Tølndur, the religion's sole god, and the following of a set of rules outlined in Tål storre könolt Tølnduran (the Big book of Tølndur) which is the religion's major Holy Scripture. Hattrå teaches living by a set of ethical rules in order to achieve personal completion and strengthening as well as self improvement, with the ultimate goal of reserving a place reserved near Tølndur when Ģesste - the religion's apocalypse - takes place. Additionally, one of the religion's goals is to achieve leading a free and just life on earth and reinforcing the sense of community.

Key role to the religion plays its collection of myths, included in Tål storre könolt Tølnduran, which not only illustrates Hattrå's teachings, but also tries to explain nature, history, science, and customs in simple terms that anyone can understand.

Hattrå is a major religion in Mouzilo and Thessania and plays a big role in both nations' cultures.