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Republic of Buadev
Bulgarian: Република Буадев

Flag of Buadev.png

Съединението прави силата

Eenheid Maakt Sterk

("Unity makes strength")
Capital cityStanimir
GovernmentUnitary semi-presidential constitutional republic
- Chairman of the Republic of BuadevAnuar Laddas
LegislatureNational Assembly
Area claimed9.4km²
CurrencyBuadev Leve

Buadev officially the Republic of Buadev, is an island republic. claiming Two Hummock Island in Antartica The capital, Stanimir, is located on the south west side of the island. It is part of the Palmer Archipelago in the Antarctic Peninsula the highest point is Modev Peak, a mostly ice-covered peak rising to 670 m The population was 45 at the 2018 census.

Adrien de Gerlache, leader of the Belgian Antarctic Expedition (1897–1899), discovered the archipelago in 1898. He named it Archipelago Palmer for American Captain Nathaniel Palmer, who navigated these waters in 1820 The island was originally claimed by Derskovia and later annexed by Pavlov, from 2016 until 2017.

the Republic of Buadev is a democratic, semi-developed micronation which scores 3.7 on Dresner's system of Classification. In addition, it is a "6th World" micronation, according to the Whole Picture calculation of the Boodlesmythe-Tallini System of Classification and Dan's System of Classification. On Miles' Scale of Economic Potential, the Republic of Buadev scores a 5.


Philippe Buache and Stanimir Modev

The name Buadev comes from the two peaks on the island. Buache and Modev The Modev peak is named after Stanimir Modev, mechanic at St. Kliment Ohridski base in 2002/03 and subsequent seasons. Buache is named after the French cartographer Philippe Buache (1700-1773) who published maps of the south polar region in 1739 and 1754. Informally the name Modevia is also used



Flag of Libertown

In 2013 the Republic of Derskovia claimed Two Hunnock and established the Territory of Libertown The Territory was formed on April 4th, and was named after the Liberation of Europe. It had a seat in the Derskovian Senate Libertown was administered by the Derskovian State directly. A Commissioner is appointed to lead the daily government

The Territory had a full suite of laws, and legal and postal administrations

On 13 September after Derskovia merged with Snežanopol. Derskovia abandoned its claim

Principality of Buadev

Flag of the proposed Buadev principality

The name Principality of Buadev is used in literature to describe the attempt to create an autonomous vassal state under the protection of Pavlov in begin 2014, the principality The attempt was not successful due the AMU's claim rules and no such principality ever existed

The Isles

Flag of the Isles

In late 2016, Pavlov rapidly expanded following the peaceful annexations of Hasanistan Carpathia, Akebar, the Principality of the Qërimoğulları and other regions. One of them was the Palmer Archipelago. In a shock announcement made this morning by His Serene Highness Sovereign Prince Deniz I to the members of the Crown Council, His Serene Highness has declared that the Principality of Pavlov will be dissolved and that all its provinces shall be able to decide their own future

Independent Buadev

Shady Morsi, Samuel Bakker Anuar Laddas and Dennis Lee proclaimed Buadev as an independent state in 2018 The provisional government is formed and Anuar Laddas is appointed as "Chairman" until new elections are held The provisional government has claimed that Buadev has authority over Two Hunnock This claim was denied due the The Antarctic Treaty