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Free State of Libertuy
Estado Libre de Libertad

File:Flag of Liberty
Unofficial Banner of the Free State

¡Libertad, Igualdad y Estado Libre! (Spanish) Liberty, Equality, and the Free State!
Inner San Diego; Old military station converted to residential and commercial zone
Official language(s)English
Short nameThe Free State
GovernmentMinarchist Secessionist Republic
- The PresidentJosh Fritsch
- The Mayorvacant
LegislatureMunicipal Forum
- Type - Council; Citizen's Gathering
- Number of seats - Not specified
CurrencyUS Dollar (Temporary)
Time zonePacific Standard
Patron saintSt. Michael

The Free State of Liberty (Spanish: Estado Libre de Libertad), commonly known as the Free State, is a micronation located on former US Naval station turned neighborhood and commercial zone in San Diego, California. Pinelandia is a Minarchist State with Josh Fritsch as head of state[1].


The name Free State was used by President Josh Fritsch upon the founding of the country in 2020, in reference to the Free State of Jones. The name "Liberty" part was adopted due to obvious explanatory reasons.


Government and politics

Governance in the Free State

The Presidential Office

The Office of the Mayor

Municipal Forum


Administrative Divisions


Languages of the Free State

The main and official languages


The current flag, although unofficial and not recognized by the standing government as legitimate, is used as a civilian ensign. The flag consists of a green and beige combination, representing the location's old military past, and infrastructure. The flag is predicted to change in the coming months.

National and Municipal Heraldry

As new and unique symbolism will be created overtime, the Free State of Liberty commonly uses the coat of arms of the City of San Diego, which the old Liberty Station was located. To not completely rip off San Diego, the heraldry used by the Free State excludes the text that surround the shield, pillars, and wreath.

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