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Hello! I'm Liam Munroe, King of the Kingdom of Atiera and a cool dude!

How can you contact me?
  • Discord: ☆L i a m☆#3060
  • Email: (Formal messages only, please!)
My userboxes
MWlogo.png This user has been on MicroWiki for 9 or 10 months.
WhiteFlagUserBox.svg This user is a centrist.
This user is a citizen of the Kingdom of Atiera
Crown of the King of Atiera.png This user is the King of Atiera
890 This user has 890 edits on MicroWiki and may have no life.
bruh This user stole the the last user box from User:Australis
casual This user is a fucking casual at MicroWiki. 890 edits? Rookie numbers. Get good. -User:Australis

Where do I hold citizenship?

Atiera - Full Citizen
Australis - Honourary Citizen

My Sandboxes

My current goal: 1,000 edits: 88.9% complete