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Liam Sinclair is a micronationalist, who has been primarily active in the Micras Sector of Internet micronationalism since 2001 and is best known for his involvement in micronational journalism, currently through his community-award winning Coprieta Standard news service.


Sinclair has held citizenships in more than a dozen micronations during his participation, though since 2005 he has primarily been associated with the Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg where he has been the Head of Government since 2010.

In Amerada, Sinclair was very active in its partisan politics. He voiced strong opposition to the rule of Earl Washburn, although he started a movement to cooperate with Washburn as Vice-President of Amerda. He founded the Amerada History Society after the defeat of Washburn during the Bridgewater reign. In the Amerada History Sociey, he published "Amerada: The Story of a Nation", which is the main resource of Ameradan history.

After leaving Amerada, he joined Attera, soon being active in its foreign affairs. He was the longest serving Prime Minister of Attera, bringing Attera into the modern micronational world. His rocky relationship with the micronation's emperor, Diga Makonnen, eventually led to a fall-out between the two individuals in February 2005, which ultimately led to an exodus of several high-ranking nobles from and the micronation's eventual death.

Sinclair, as a co-owner of Micronations.Net until its demise as a popular hub site in 2008, regularly teamed up with founder, Iain de Vembria, to organize the Micras Sector's annual community awards, the People's FNORD Awards. He has also been the recipient of four FNORD Awards during his micronational career, including the most prestigious award, the Odlum Award for Overall Achievement in 2005. His other awards include the satarical FNORD Award of "Most Boring Micronationalist" in 2002, the award for best constitutional framework (the Fourth Crimson Constitution of Attera) in 2004, and he won the journalism award in 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2012.

Sinclair is the founder of the Royal Institute of Micronational-Antiquities, which is an organization dedicated to documenting micronational history and providing an extensive archive of contemporary news articles from various publications, including those of Sinclair himself.