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Liam Carignan
Prime Minister of Huntsburg, 22nd Duke of Huntsburg, Baron of Escanaba, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Leader of the Opposition, and Leader of the Libertarian Reformation
Grand Duke of Huntsburg
March 7, 2017 - April 7, 2017
November 3, 2016
David II
Queen Abigail
22nd Duke of Huntsburg
Reign May 22, 2013 - present
Assumed office May 22, 2013
David II
Ms. Taskila (Incumbent)
President of the Delta Republic
In office October 24, 2014 - March 7, 2017
Predecessor Arnold J. Peake
Successor Mikayla Hemes
Vice President of the Delta Republic
In office February 10, 2013 - January 2, 2015
Predecessor William Farrar
Successor Office abolished
Full name
William Michael David Francis Horatio Pius
House Carignan-Medici
Father David II
Mother Duchess Rhea

Liam of Huntsburg

Liam of Huntsburg or more commonly known as the Prime Minister of Huntsburg, is the founder and the Queen's Deputy of the Kingdom of Huntsburg. He is the Prime co-founder of the (MUPMU) Michigan Upper Peninsula Micronational Union and has been since February 2017.

Creating a New Nation

Liam's interest for micronationalism sparked when he came upon the Principality of Sealand and Ladonia back in 2012. He began building his own micronation since August 2016 and officially established the micronation in March 2017. He succeeded his predecessor and brother, Leonard II in June 2014 as President of the Delta Republic. That same year, he became Vice President of the Gogebic Republic, succeeding his lifelong friend and companion, Christopher St. Peter who died a year after his demotion in 2014. As founding the Grand Duchy of Huntsburg, he is also the Minister of Foreign Affairs which was established the same time as the Grand Duchy itself, succeeding his cousin and best friend, Caitlin Boursaw. The influence, in the beginning, derived from his hereditary and inherited the title as Duke of Huntsburg, succeeded by his deceased brother, Leonard II in June 2014, same time as his election and President of the Delta Republic.

Micronational Influence

Liam was one of the MUPMU triarchy founders and being the Prime co-founder. He founded a majority of unions including the Micronational European Union and the Micronational American-Canadian Union. His contribution to micronations is most renowned for the establishment of the Huntsburgian Commonwealth and Michigan Micronation Alliance.


His Imperial Majesty, the Grand Duke of Huntsburg, felt in his heart that his cousin, Queen Abigail deserved to be a better and more efficient leader of his micronation. Liam is now the Prime Minister of Huntsburg, Count of Delta, and Secretary of Foreign Affairs for Huntsburg. As his career took a more political turn in the views of his future.


Both of these family trees are 100% accurate, further details are to be discussed properly in the discussion.

Huntsburgian Commonwealth