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The foreign relations of the Duchy of Campinia are implemented by the Secretary of Foreign Affairs. The power to grant official diplomatic recognition of sovereignty lies primarily with the Grand Constable, but is made on advise of the Council of State. Campinia holds formal diplomatic relations with various unrecognized sovereign entities. .

Until 2016 Campinia was member of the Flandrensisian Commonwealth Each member can make treaties with other nations without the interfering of the commonwealth. But Campinia, Arkel and Flandrensis always acted for the common good of the commonwealth. If a micronation recognize a member, they also had to recognize the other members and the Commonwealth of Flandrensis as well. By working together the members of the Commonwealth speak with one voice in the micronational community.

Foreign policy

Campinia First

Campinia First refers to a foreign policy of Campinia that that emphasizes Campinian nationalism in international relations and that is often described as isolationist. and benefactorial

Guillaume Doctrine

The Guillaume Doctrine is a Campinian policy of opposing Republicanism. Totalitarianism and Autocracies It was signed by Guillaume II in 2012 The term "Guillaume Doctrine" itself was coined in 2016.The Duchy of Campinia wants to "Honor the Imperial and Royal history of Europe". The Guillaume Doctrine also supports recreation of the fallen kingdoms and empires around the world, Macronationaly and micronationaly

International relations

Recognized; no diplomatic ties

Recognized; formal diplomatic relations

Informal diplomatic ties

International Incidents

Sovereignty disputes