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De-Viadalviazation is a term used in the Konraq Khanate to remove all or limit Viadalvian cultural references and influences in Konraq. It could also applied on Dachenian and Derskovian influences but since Viadalvia founded Konraq its called De-Viadalviazation



Prior to its creation, the territory had been split between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan since 1924. In mid-2013, with the permission of the separatist Hasani government, Viadalvia laid claim to an area bordering Hasanistan. The small region, that bordered Hasanistan's capital Batyr, was declared an autonomous territory and officially named the "Viadalvian Republic of Hasanistan", with Ino De Wacht being selected as its viceroy. The Viadalvian Republic of Hasanistan was later reformed into a Federal Territory of Konraq. The first governor of Konraq (and curent Atabeg) Ino de Wacht attempted to let Konraq develop its own culture. However the plans were never implemented due the Konraqi Revolution

Under the First Konraqi Republic, President Faisal attempted to de viadalvianize by making Konraq adopting the islamist culture. based on the Taliban. While Derskovia allowed the Konraqi people have their own autonomy and didnt try to assimilate Konraq into Derskovian culture

Durring Dachenia

Konraqi Independence

After the independence


Arguments for De-Viadalvianization