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Shady Morsi mayoral campaign, 2020
Morsi 2020.jpg
CampaignZoetermeer Mayoral election 2020
CandidateShady Morsi
Member of the Rijnland Water Board
Diyar Bakr
Refugee Activist
StatusDeclared: 10th November, 2018
Presumptive nominee: 1 March 2019
HeadquartersRoom 101
MBORijnland, Zoetermeer
SloganThe People's Mayor
Campaign websiteTBA
Key Peoples

The 2020 mayoral campaign of Shady Morsi, Member of the Rijnland General Assembly and Political Activist officially began on March 1 2019. As no incumbent Water Board member has ever mounted a serious bid for the mayorality (usualy done by alderman), Morsi was considered a "longshot" and "underdog" candidate. Aswell the fact that Shady Morsi is the most far-left candidate for Mayor in an usualy right wing city..

Morsi did not expect to win the election outright, his strategy was to either split the progressive vote in the election since mayors are elected by municipal councilors rather than by popular vote where Morsi would have bargaining power sufficient to determine, or at least strongly influence, the selection of a winner.

If elected, Morsi would be the first Non-Dutch to become Mayor of Zoetermmer. and also the first non-Dutch mayoral ticket of Mayor and Deputy Mayor. Morsi would also have been the youngest mayor of Zoetermeer at 21

2018 campaign developments

This isnt the first time that Morsi ran for city office.. Morsi ran for city council in 2018.. for the Direct Democracy Party winning no seats

After the election Morsi joined the GreenLeft party and Aptroot blijft tot zijn pensioen ingaat in 2020 aan de 'macht'.

March 2019 launch

Running mate