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Ramy Shaalan I
Great King of Sexistan

King of Sexistan
Reign 12 February 2015 - present
Motto Genus Aequalitatum (Latin)

Ramy I is the first king of Sexistan


His Royal Highness is originally from Egypt and Lebanon, and is currently living in Rabbiton, Sexistan, which is a flat in Kuwait. He has decided to create a country for him and others supporting his saying, Gender Equality. Throughout his life, he has created mini countries since he was 4 and Sexistan has finally became the one that worked, that people believed in, that became a true micronation. He had ambitious plans of claiming the desert strip of Bir Tawil in Southern Egypt although it could not be carried out. Possibly in the future there could be land for Sexistan. Not only being the King of the GKS, he is also the owner and head chef of El Diablo Kitchens, his self created brand, and is the President of the Union of Micronational Monarchies, or the U.M.M.


Mr Shaalan believes that the Earth is pretty much screwed up all ready, but can get better if we try. He is against the use of fossil fuels and pollution, and will soon enforce laws that could turn out better for the environment and surroundings. He hopes the GKS can soon benefit the environment and can become a model nation in the environmental sector.