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Sidera is a constitutional Monarchy. Sidera is latin for Star or Stars. The Micronations full title is the Kingdom of Sidera. Currently located in Northern New England, a region in North America USA.

Officially the Kingdom of Sidera has a population of 8. One of which lives in the capitol, Joshtown. The rest live abroad in America.

There are two cities in Sidera, one being Joshtown the other being Dougville. Currently Dougville is unpopulated while in Joshtown there are three inhabitants.

After passing SLOSA (Sideran Law of Outer Space and Aeronautics) the Sideran Government reserves the right to claim any and all objects within our solar system, with a colony being set up on Titan.

The Flag was based off the flag of Texas, a white star on the left side representing the crown (The standing king of the time) with a dark blue background (The throne or the country as a whole). On the side on top is white representing the snow we get during the winder, and the light blue underneath represent the blue skies during the summer months.

The state seal has two black bears (National Animal) holding up a white star, underneath the star is the shape of the country from an aerial view. Below that on the bottom, is the state Motto, “Stand by the crown, die for the throne”.

As of now Sidera uses the USD standard. For every two dollar bill we get we 3D print 20 Cora coins. We also use Paper money, just called Cora.

You can find more information @SideraGov on twitter, there you can also find our website and many other things.