Chau Khang

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Châu Chí Khang
7th President of the Aenderia
Assumed June 2019 office:
June, 2019 - Present
President Chau Khang
President Jayden Lycon
Successor N/A
Governor of New Hanoi
Governor Chau Khang
Successor N/A
Minister of Defence of Aenderia
Assumed October 23, 2018 office:
October 23, 2018 - June 2019
Minster Chau Khang
Successor Nicholas Fisher
Personal information
Born 12 July 2004 (2004-07-12) (age 15)
Hanoi, Viet Nam
Birth name Châu Chí Khang
Citizenship Vietnamese ; Chinese ; Aenderese
Nationality Srvflag.png Vietnamese - Prcflag.png Chinese
Ethnicity Vietnamese
Political party New Communist Party of Aenderian
Residence Hanoi
Religion Budhist

Chau Khang is the current 7th President of Aenderia. He is an Vietnamese-Chinese, who brings the Communism into Aenderia.