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Wuhu-New Prussia War
DateNovember 8, 2020 (2020-11-08) -
(6 months and 3 days )
Status Ongoing
Flag of Almondria.jpegWuhu
Preussa.png New Prussia
Commanders and leaders
Unknown Preussa.png James W.
Units involved
Unknown Preussa.png Military von Neu Prussia (alleged)
Unknown 7

The Wuhu-New Prussia War is a military conflict between the Republic of Wuhu and the National Socialist Empire of New Prussia.


The war formally began on 8 November, when the Empire of New Prussia declared war on Wuhu, due to an alleged violation of a so called "Second Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact"[1] between New Prussia and the United Socialist Republics.[2] Following the declaration of war, Wuhu Island, an administrative territory of Wuhu located digitally, was allegedly occupied by the military of New Prussia and turned into the Woohoo Reichskommisariat;[3] neither the larger micronational community nor the Republic of Wuhu recognizes the occupation. Following the alleged occupation of Wuhu Island, Boogeria declared war on New Prussia.[4]

International reactions

  • AlmendriaSick.png United Socialist Republics - The President of the U.S.R, Edison's Cat, called for negotiations between New Prussia and the U.S.R regarding the conflict.
  • Flag of Ausveria.png Ausveria - Chancellor Fredrick M. declared neutrality on behalf of Ausveria.