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The Democratic Republic of Seybold is located near the smaller micronation territory of Republic of Tamcoop and the inactive micronation Fort Dunkin. New Eiffel is a representative democracy with Cooper Norfolk as the head of state and President. The population of Seybold is 16 (humans), however it has two animal citizens, which are not necessarily counted as official citizens. The capital is New Springfield and the largest city is Woodlelands City, by population and size. Seybold has two official languages (English and Russian along with an unofficial language, Esperanto

Seybold became a member of Accentra on 24 February 2019 with Cooper Norfolk as the unofficial Ambassador representing Seybold in Accentra, the New Eiffel Union of Micronations on 25 November 2018, and an observer state of the GUM on 8 December 2018. Seybold was formerly a part of the Florida Micronational Union and the Union of Southern Micronations before they became defunct.

Seybold has two subdivisions that are in the mainland of the Democratic Republic of Seybold. The largest of the subdivisions, by population and size, is the Province of New Woodlelands with a population of 12 and the smallest is the Federal District of New Springfield with a population of 6.