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The Republic of Braveland

The Republic of Braveland was founded April 27th, 2017. The current residential population of the land is 58. Bravelandic Volunteer Corps The only defense is the BVC, or the Bravelandic Volunteer Corps. 9 volunteers have joined the defense force so far. We have had to go into battle once.

Battle of Hay Woods 5/2/18: 4 Rebel outsiders attacked the Hay Woods, the main forest in Braveland, and took captive 2 citizens. The defense force, eight at that time, went into battle and battled hard for a day until the rebels surrendered.

President: Jack K. Perry

Currency: US Dollar


4/27: 6 6/21: 13 6/22: 14 8/31: 21 12/1: 30 1/6: 34 4/7: 48 6/30: 52 7/12: 58