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Jocelyn "JJ" Maxwell
JJ in 2019
Emperor of Qoí
Reign 1 June 2019-present
Predecessor Throne established
Chancellor of New Paint
Reign 27 February 2019–1 June 2019
Predecessor Position established
Prince and Prime Minister of Seems
Reign 17 March 2019–1 June 2019
Predecessor Position established
King of Pacific Patch
Reign 7 May 2019–1 June 2019
Predecessor Monarchy established
Spouse None
Born 5 June 2005 (2005-06-05) (age 15)
Port Townsend, Washington, Flag of Washington.svg

Hello! My name is JJ Maxwell, but you could also call me Jaiden. Currently, I am the Emperor of Qoí. My oldest nation was about four months old before I killed it off. :))

This infobox was stolen from my page, JJ Maxwell. ----------------->