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Bukhari Socialist Movement
Leader Hussein Ali
Founded 2014
Preceded by Theodorist Party of Austenasia (Monovia)
Headquarters Akmalabad
Newspaper The Red Journal
Ideology Democratic socialism
Left-wing nationalism
Internal factions:
Social democracy
Market socialism
Political position Left-wing to Far-left
Official colors Black, Green, White, Red [1]
Constitutional Council
4 / 5
People's Council
10 / 10
Local Governors
11 / 12

The Bukhari Socialist Movement, is a socialist political party in Bukharistan, where it is currently the sole registered political party.[2] A "big tent" movement, the BSM contains internal ideological variation with some, particularly the veterans, learning towards communism and the far-left, whilst others leaning towards social democracy and market socialism. Hussein Ali, the current chair of the party, has tried, with some success, to create a "common identity" within the party, based around democratic socialism and left-wing nationalism.

Notes and References

  1. (Uses colours of the Bukhari flag; red is the primary colour used)
  2. The remaining political positions that are not held by the BSM are held by independents