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Imperial State of Ourreaux

Hoc exemplum adservans titulum (Latin: This motto is an example)
National anthem of Example
Fakeville, United States
Capital city Aculle
Largest city Treux
Official language(s) English, French
Short name Ourreaux
Demonym Ourrais
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- Emperor Octavien
Legislature Senate
Established 2016
Population (
Time zone EST
National animal Golden Eagle

Government website

Ourreaux, or officially the Imperial State of Ourreaux (French: État impérial d'Ourreaux), is a soveirgn micronation located within the Great Lakes.


Ourreaux is a corruption of the Cajun phrase, hourra eau, meaning big water. This is in reference to both the Great Lakes and the Kalamazoo River.


Flag Arms Name Noble Additional Details
50px 30px Duchy of Treux Duke Guilhelm Treux is the largest region and contains the Cité de Treux and Viscounty of Augusta
50px 30px Principality of Aculle Prince Octavie Aculle is the easternmost region and is seat of the Imperial government
50px 30px Grand March of Lycos Grande Marquis Héphaetos Lycos is the northernmost region and is located off the coast of Lake Superior
50px 30px Tellus Count Léopold Tellus is a central region and is the only Terre d'État