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John Triantafyllos

John M. Triantafyllos,is a St Christophorian politician,author and army man.He is the first and until now,the only President of the Republic of St Christopher.

Early career

John Triantafyllos, started his political career as a member of the Council of 15,at the Autonomous Student's Republic of the 7th High School.

  Later,he continued his career,as General of the Quintarean Armed Forces.It wad a good friend of Prince Anastasios of Quintarea.
 At the 13th of March 2016,he declared the independence of the Kingdom of St Christopher,and continued his career,not as King,but as General of the St Christophorian Armed Forces.

At the Great Revolution

Triantafyllos, played a serious role,during the Great Revolution. It was him that he became President of the new Republic of St Christopher.

 He keep his title as General,and is the only to have it to this day.

At 2017

Triantafyllos, is continuing to serve as President of St Christopher. It is also the leader of a famous at St Christopher political party,the "Monarchodemocrats".