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Sandbox 1

New Scania Canton
Nya Skåne Kanton(Swedish)
Nya Skåne Kantøn (Zealandian)
—  Canton of Zealandia  —

Coat of arms
Country Zealandianflagnew.png Zealandia
Capital Nya Ystad
Subdivisions Unitary state
 - Type Autocratic Monarchy, with devolved powers
 - Governor Axeris Rödsson
 - Legislative Executive Council of the Governor
Population (2015)
 - Total 3
Time zone Zealandian Normal Time (UTC11)
 - Summer (DST) AEDT (UTC11)
First Tier Postal Code NYA SKÅNE
ZEACODE reference NS
Languages English and Swedish

Nya Skåne or Nya Skåne Canton is a canton of the Commonwealth of Zealandia on the eastern seaboard of the Australian continent. Located appropriately within the City of Randwick, New South Wales and the city of Sydney New South Wales.

Nya Skåne is broken into 2 Divisions called Municipalities (Kommun).

Nya Ystad

Nya Ystad (Swedish for New Ystad) is the capital of the Canton, named for the Swedish town of w:Ystad.

Matora Park

Matora Park is the second Kommun in the Canton and the smallest, notable for being an alternative location to Allaton in Denton Canton for the open air Peoples' Assembly.

Emblem of Zealandia.png