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HRH Queen of Cringe (aka Representess of Athela [that name just bleeds cringe]) is the founder and current President of the micronation 'Athela'. She is a young woman who lives within the continent of Australia.

She became interested in starting a nation a few years ago, around the age of 12 when she was taking a trip to Mt Kosciusko. There was a certain area of the mountain, Blue Cow, where she decided to wander off with her younger sibling to a more secluded area that was still close to Blue Cow. After a small walk (more like crawl) through the snow, she and her brother found an exposed patch of red grass, large boulders and a tree. They both climbed the boulders and when sitting upon the top declared herself the empress of 'Snisland' (a combination of 'snow' and 'island', I know, I'm a creative genius). Later due to spelling mistakes it became 'Sniland'. She stuck with that micronation for about over a year, less than two when she decided she didn't really want to deal with Sniland anymore. Later, she tried making two other micronations but decided that the whole 'make a country' idea was pointless. Again though after a few years, she decided to return to the micronation community out of boredom with the nation 'Athela'. Despite taking a long hiatus (forgetting about it) on her micronation project she decided to come back with an interest in starting an anarchist nation as she thought it was something worth creating.

HRH is somewhat of an anti-sjw/feminist, has a growing interest in political philosophies such as anarchism and socialism and is an aspiring entrepreneur. She would like to get into the retail industry and has many plans for her stores, they will most likely exist in her micronation if it becomes recognized.