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His Majesty
King of the Borgslandics
King Justinian's current official portrait, taken January 2019
King Justinian's current official portrait, taken January 2019
January 24th 2019 - present
office established
Father Christopher
Mother Laura, The Queen Mother
Born November 11th
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States Flag of the United States.png
Occupation Student

HM Justinian is the king and founder of Borgsland.


King of Borgsland

Justinian is Borgsland's first and currently only king. He was inspired to create a micronation namely after watching a video article by the creativity of various intermicronatonal leaders after watching a video article by Vice News entitled The People Who Rule the World's Smallest Countries and reading parts of various articles on MicroWiki. King Justinian declared the nationhood of the land in his backyard and his bedroom on January 24th 2019, since then, Borgsland has been invited to join the World Micronatonal Committee and the Micronatonal Security Assembly.

Personal Life

Justinian is currently Agnostic and is interested in forms of Indo-Euroupean religious reconstructionism and ancestor veneration. At one point, Justinian briefly considered himself a Vaishnava, after reading several books by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, and attending various Kirtans at an ISCKON temple in Chicago. Justinian later became inactive after stateing that the Bhagavata Purana was "Post Vedic", likely referring to its recent attributed date of composition.

The King is currently a practitioner of a hybrid-style of Taekwondo taught at a International Taekwon-Do Federation dojang. Currently, King Justinian holds the rank of 6th geup or high green belt.

Justinian has a great interest in the study of heraldry and insignia, designing many of Borgsland's national symbols. He also enjoys studying history and watching kung fu films and anime.


Justinian Claims that his paternal family, and by extent most everyone with the surname Borg, descended from a branch of the Borja family, and are thus distant cousins of the members of the infamous Aragonese House of Borgia, whose members are also descended form the Borjas (who, according to a likely erroneous legend, are intern descended from the Spanish noble Pedro de Atarés).

Titles, styles, honors, and armorial bearings

Monarchical styles of
King Justinian
Monogram of HM king Justinian.png
Reference style His Majesty (HM)
Spoken style Your Majesty
Alternative style My Liege or Sir


  • Until January 24th, 2019 : Justin
  • January 24th - present : His Majesty Justinian, King of the Borgslandics


Royal standard of King Justinian