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(-) American branch
Arms assumed by Justinian, King of the Borgslandics with the mottoes "Wherever there is thy lord there shall be opulence", or alternatively "Hail to our Forefathers"
"Bucket arms" traditionally assumed by those of Maltese ancestry with the surname Borg
Parent familyBorja coat.jpg House of Borja
FounderGonzalo-Gil de Borja, Emanuel Borg, and King Justinian
Cadet branchesBorgia Sheild of Arms.png House of Borgia

The House of Borg is the current ruling dynasty of Borgsland. Originating in Malta, the branch King Justinian is descended from was founded when his great-grandfather Emanuel Borg emigrated to the United States shortly before the Second World War.


Early History

All those with the surname Borg can trace their ancestry back to one Gonzalo-Gil de Borja, little is known about Gonzolo, if anything at all, other than that he lived during the 14th century in the small town of Borja, in modern day Spain, and that he served as a member of some form of Military Jury. Gonzalo's Great-Great-Grandson would eventually become Pope Alexander VI. Nothing is currently known about how the Borja traveled to Malta and had there name transcribed to Borg, but it is clear that they thrived there, as seen by how common the Surname is in Malta.

Immigration to America

Recognizing growing tensions in Europe, King Justinian's great-grandfather Emmanuel, and three of his eleven siblings, immigrated to United States and settled in Astoria, New York City, and worked as a foremen, helping in the construction of the New York City Subway.