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Serene Kingdom of Borgsland
Kingdom of Borgsland Natonal Flag.png
National flag
Full coat of arms of Borgsland.png
Armorial Bearings

Wherever there is thy lord there shall be opulence[1]
National anthem
Keep Our Motherland in Mind
played to the tune of Die Gedanken sind frei

Royal anthem
Hail to the Livery of Red and White
played to the tune of Eine kleine Nachtmusik

Borgsland Map.svg.png

Capital cityEmmanualsburg
Official language(s)Example
Short nameBorgsland
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
- KaiserJustinian
LegislatureRoyal Diet of Borgsland
Area claimed>1km²
Population6 (as of 20xx census)
CurrencyBorgslandic Dollar
National sportTaekwondo
National animalExample
Patron saintEmperor Julian

Borgsland is a micronation located in the Wisconsin. Founded in January of 2019 it is relatively small compared to most micronations, occupying the permanent territory of its rulers bedroom and backyard and consisting of only 6 citizens. Borgsland was created primarily to occupy its founder and chief lawgiver, King Justinian primarily as a secondary geofictional hobby, but also in an attempt to emulate the realism more infamous micronations.



Provisional Government

on January 24th 2019, Borgsland officially declard its statehood via a declaration of indepence formally signed by Justin, he gave one copy to his father, and sent the other to his local congressmen, Glenn Grothman, via e-mail. Grothman has yet to reply to the e-mail. The next day, Justinian ratified the constitution, and made his first royal decree as king.

on January 28th, Justinian made a speech that he would post on YouTube introducing Borgsland and announcing the launch of its official website. In the speech, in the speech, King Justinian addressed Borgsland's goals and intentions for the future, namely, to amass enough citizens to ratify a permanent constitution, establish a military, hold a democratic election for its Royal Diet, and, hold King Justinian's formal coronation.

2020 Revival






Art and Design

both King Justinian, his Mother, and most of his maternal family are avid practitioners of the visual arts, with Justinian designing all of Borgsland's National Symbols and preferring to use the digital medium of GIMP 2 and sketching. The subject of many, if not all of Justinian's work is heraldic and fantacy. King Justinian's grandmother, and maternal Great Aunt, are avid painters, many of there works are coincided by borgslandics to be national treasures. These, and several pieces of artwork are stored in the Borgslandic Royal Museum of Art.


Accourding to Borgsland's constitution, the natiotal sport is Taekwondo, with King Justinian himself being a practitioner. King Justinian particularly enjoys sparring and researching the marital art's history, he has also praised the martial art for increaseing his focus and keeping him in shape. Dungeons and Dragons is also a common game played among citizens of Borgsland,


Within its borders, Borgsland's media is state run, and is broadcasted over a single television and desktop computor, with East-Asian Cinema such as Anime and Kung fu films as well as older fantasy films having a particularly high popularity among its citizens, particularly the king. The Borgslandic government also releases videos via the King personal Youtube channel and also produces content via Twitch Streams as a Vtuber were he plays games from The Elder Scrolls franchise, and collaborates with other creators.


  1. Taken from the Bhagavad-gita 18.78 "Wherever there is Kṛṣṇa, the master of all mystics, and wherever there is Arjuna, the supreme archer, there will also certainly be opulence, victory, extraordinary power, and morality. That is my opinion."