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Kingdom of Borgsland
Kingdom of Borgsland Natonal Flag.png
Coat of arms of HM King Justinian.png
Great seal of the realm(Kingdom of Borgsland).png
Great seal of the realm

Hail to our forefathers
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Menuett
Capital cityEmmanualsburg
Official language(s)English
Short nameBorgsland
GovernmentUnitary constitutional Monarchy
- HM KingJustinian
- HM KingJustinian
LegislatureRoyal Diet of Borgsland (not yet established)
Area claimedan estimated 140ft
Time zoneCT
National sportTaekwondo
National animalBull

The Kingdom of Borgsland, shortened to Borgsland,is a simulatonist micronation located in Wisconsin, that declared its statehood on January 24th, 2019. Currently, much of Borgsland's territory is on the internet, but it does have an actual claim to land in the form of its ruler's, His Majesty, King Justinian's, Bedroom and Backyard.


The Borgsland is a combination of two words, Borg's, which is King Justinian's Surname used to denote his family's ownership of Land , which is the second part of the name.



King Justinian was first introduced to Micronatonalosm in the sixth grade after watching a clip from the anime Hetalia: Axis Powers, featuring a personified Principality of Sealand, he showed a moderate amount of interest and amusement, but nothing more. He would only be inspired to found his own micronation years later, after watching a video article by Vice News entitled The People Who Rule the World's Smallest Countries, later, King Justinian, then known simply as Justin, discovered MicroWiki. Inspired by the creativity of the various intermicronatonal leaders he had heard about, Justinian decided that he would try starting his own micronation. The micronations Justinian planned on creating would eventually be the precursors to Borgsland. Much of Borgsland's early development where attempts to design national symbols. towards the end of 2018, Justinian began drafting actual constitutions, and as a citezen of the United States, began taking, and reportedly enjoying, a civics class.

Provisional Government

on January 24th 2019, Borgsland officially declard its statehood via a declaration of indepence formally signed by Justin, he gave one copy to his father, and sent the other to his local congressmen, Glenn Grothman, via e-mail. Grothman has yet to reply to the e-mail. The next day he ratified the constitution, and made his first royal decree as monarch.

on January 28th, Justinian made a speech that he would post on You Tube introducing Borgsland and announcing the launch of its official website. In the speech, King Justinian addressed Borgsland's goals and intentions for the future, namely, to amass enough citizens to ratify a permanent constitution, establish a military, hold a democratic election for its Royal Diet, and, hold King Justinian's formal coronation. The next day, after opening its official Discord server, Borgsland was invited to join the Micronation security league by Taman Ria, and the World Micronatonal Committee.


The provisional government of Borgsland is described in its constitution, describing it as an autocratic government managed by royal decrees made by its King that aims to reform into a semi-constitutional monarchy after it has gained enough citizens. During the Period of provisional government, citizens are supposed to form political parties to choose representatives among themselves that will later be elected to the Royal Diet, Borgsland's national assembly. King Justinian has yet to appoint various ministers of state to the soon to be established privy counsel.

Members of Government

Royal Decrees

King Justinian has made a few notable decrees, many of which either serve to elaborate on the Provisional Constitution, or establish certain policies. Arguably, Justinian's most notable decree's include his first, third, fifth, and seventh royal decrees, allowing all of his family members to become naturalized citizens, instituting the policy of lèse-majesté, banning all firearms from Borgsland's capital Emmanualsburg, and postponing the payment of taxes until Borgsland has accumulated enough citizens and assets.

Political Parties

Borgsland currently has no political parties

International Relationships and Foreign Policy

Borgsland currently has no diplomatic relationships


Borgsland's culture is generally concidered to be derivitive from American and European influences.

Art and Design

both King Justinian, his mother, and most of his maternal family are avid practitioners of the visual arts, with Justinian designing many of Borgsland's National Symbols and preferring to use the digital medium of GIMP 2 and sketching. The subject of many, if not all of Justinian's work is heraldic and graphic. King Justinian's Mother, maternal grandmother, and maternal great aunt, are avid painters, many of there works are coincided by borgslandics to be national treasures.


Accourding to Borgsland's constitution, the natiotal sport is taekwondo, with King Justinian already being a practitioner who has achieved the rank of 6th geup. King Justinian particularly enjoys sparring and researching the marital art's history.

National Holidays

According to King Justinian's second royal decree, national holidays in the Kingdom of Borgsland are as follows.

Holiday Date Meaning
New Year's Day January 1st Celebrates the past year and the year to come, the first day of the Gregorian Calendar
Norton Day January 8th Celebrates the life of Emperor Norton I
Independence Day January 24th Celebrates the independence of Borgsland from the United States
International Heraldry Day June 10th Celebrates the first alleged use of, Heraldry, the Knighting of Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou in 1128
Leif Erickson Day October 9th Celebrates the discovery of North America by Lief Erikson
King's Day November 11th Celebrates the Birthday of King Justinian
Thanksgiving Fourth Thursday of November Celebrates Gratitude and the settlement of North America
Yuletide Midwinter Celebrates the Winter solstice and Odin's Wild Hunt
Christmas December 25th Celebrates the Winter solstice and the Birth of Jesus of Nazareth

National Symbols


Like many micronations, Borgsland is a landlocked country, surrounded on all four sides by the United States. About a fourth of Borgsland's territory is indoors, that is, inside King Justinian's Bedroom, while the rest is located in the Backyard of his parent's house.

Climate and Weather

Like Much of the Midwestern United States Borgsland experiences warm Summers and often freezing winters, often experiencing its first major Snowfalls in late December or early January.


The most common animals in Borgsland are the robin, Rabbit, and the Squirrel. Borgsland only has five trees, four of which are evergreens whale the other is a maple.


The Justinian, King of the Borgslandics and Natonal Symbols of Borgsland articles are currently under construction