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I mostly use this space as a proto-sandbox, but hey, I'm a Brazilian micronationalist it has been six years, I also edit on English Wikipedia it has been seven years. Feel free to chat.


  • 169 citizens
    • 126 live in Ebenthal
      • 10 citizens-in-exercise/government members; people who exercise their Ebenthali citizenships by being aware of their status as micronational citizens and sometime occupying offices (all in case occupy offices, 5 de jure and 5 de facto)
    • 43 do not live in Ebenthal
      • 23 government members
      • 20 other citizens-in-exercise
  • Total of citizens-in-exercise: 53
  • Total of Government members: 33

  • 16 Peers of the Realm
    • Lord Speaker
    • Vice Lord Speaker
    • Dark Lord Speaker
    • Prime Minister
  • 5 Tribune of Truth Members
    • 1 Seneschal
    • 4 Truchsses
  • 4 Ministers
  • 1 Bank Office (President of the Bank of Ebenthal)
  • 5 Heads of Federative Units
    • 4 Princes
    • 1 Regent
  • 1 King
  • 1 Heir to the Throne
  • Total: 33 Government Members


Important facts from October to early November.

The October Reform Act. On 17 October 2020, in session, the formely known as Conclave of Ebenthal passed the October Reform Act, a project proposed by the formely called Second Lord Pedro Carvalho, the Count of Bicuíba, for 11 votes against 4 against, 1 abstension. The parliamentary act brought about profound changes for national politics as well as aesthetics for the country's image. Among them: -The Nobility's Legislative Conclave had its name changed to College of Peers of the Realm. -The Lords of the Conclave had their office name changed to Peers of the Realm; the First Lord of the Conclave's office name was changed to Lord Speaker while the Second Lord became the Vice Lord Speaker; the Dark Lord of the Conclave's office name was changed to Dark Lord Speaker. -The Lord Speaker/First Lord ceased to be freely appointed by the monarch among members of the major party or coalition in parliament. Instead, it is up to the major party assembled to choose the person who will be formaly appointed Lord Speaker by the King who, in turn, get to freely choose the Vice Lord Speaker among the peers of that same party. -The reigning Princes of Ebenthal's federative units were granted non-voting hereditary seats in parliament. The parliament also reserved two seats to represent the non-Brazilian originated Ebenthali citizens. -All politicians were granted the style of The Most Dignified (The Mt. Dig.), an analogue the the British style The Right Honourable but inspired by the Portuguese style of Digníssimo.


Élida will resign as Princess of Belmonte:

  • Her son will be next in line for succession.
    • A decree will be issued removing the heir to the throne's position as a reigning federla prince and changing its title from Prince of Belmonte to Prince of Bruges.


Order of Pedro II Order of the Silver Cat Order of the Swiss Prince Order of the Blue Blood Order of Lady Mary