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Renasian Micronational Rankings

All citizen numbers are of active citizens only.

Billbrough-Pressland Micronational Ranking System

2.) Semi serious nations, that whilst have the chance to reach the same as level one nations, would need more time and effort in place to achieve this. These are highly respected nations such as Austenasia,

Boodlesmythe-Tallini System of Classification

9. Bricks and Mortar, Small, Community — 5th World

Dan's System of Classification

5th World: A serious micronation with potential, but it will need an attractive culture to florish.

Dresner's System of Classification

2/4/4/4/3 = 3.4 = A very average micronation, they exist en masse. No need to ignore them, but they probably aren't very special or interesting. Often it is hard to tell the difference between them, and if they stay at this level for a long time it is probably because of a lack of population, time, effort, and/or interest.

Linden's Revised System of Classification

3/4/5/3/4 = 3.8 = One of the most significant micronations (eg. St.Charlie, the Nemkhav Federation etc). There was a lot of effort involved in getting the micronation to this level. Once here, it is quite difficult for the nation to fall back down unless it becomes inactive, like Petorio.

Miles's Scale of Economic Potential

3(*2)/2/2/NA/NA/2/NA = 3: This micronation has serious potential for a small economy.

David's Micronational Potential Index

too old fo dis shiet

Matthew's Democracy System of classification

NA/5/5/3 = 4.3 = Fair democracy

Stü'òrd's System of Micronational Classification

5/4/0/5/5/3/4/3/1 = 3.0 = Somewhat Good Structure, still needs some tweaking to finalize the nation. Is known by a good number of people.