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Beaconite Municipal Assembly
Eden Ministry
Type Unicameral
Houses 1
Prince James
Chief Minister Asm. Horatio Eden, Lighthouse
since November 29th, 2015
Leader of the Opposition Asm. Thomas Cassidy, Social Democratic Party
since November 29th, 2015
Political groups Government
  •   Lighthouse Caucus


  •   SPD Caucus
  •   Independent
Voting system Direct democracy, all willing citizens are members
Meeting place
Beaconite Municipal Assembly Skype Room

The Beaconite Municipal Assembly is the official legislature of the Principality of Beacon City, a micronation located within the English Midlands. The first Beaconite Constitution created the Beaconite Imperial Assembly as a replacement to the New Winterdown Imperial Assembly, and later became the Municipal Assembly following the transition to a Principality. The Municipal Assembly is unicameral, a feature common in most micronational legislatures. Rather than being elected, citizens may join the Assembly by simply asking to do so. Members of the Municipal Assembly are known as Assemblypersons.

The current Prince of Beacon City, who oversees the Municipal Assembly, is HSH Prince James. The current Chief Minister is Assemblyman Horatio Eden, of Lighthouse.


New Winterdown became an absolute monarchy not long after being founded, but many important decisions were made via referendum, including the one that declared it independent following the collapse of the Confederate States of Prosperity. This created a culture of direct democracy within New Winterdown. Additionally, there was a legislature founded in mid-2012, known as the New Winterdown Senate. The New Winterdown Senate had no constitutionally defined powers (as there was indeed no constitution, at least not one in use) and was perhaps for this reason plagued with inactivity. This continued with the change of name from New Winterdown Senate to New Winterdown Imperial Assembly. All Senators and Assemblymen were appointed by the Emperor.

The creation of the Beaconite Empire came with the ratification of a new constitution, establishing a Beaconite Imperial Assembly with defined powers and requirements for Assemblypersons to be democratically elected. This did not immediately effect an elected Assembly, but following a move to direct democracy, created a functioning Assembly with sitting members.

Cabinets and Shadow Cabinets

As Beacon City uses the parliamentary model, all Ministers must be appointed from the Municipal Assembly, though this has not presented an issue as all citizens are immediately capable of joining the Municipal Assembly anyway.

Eden Cabinet (Lighthouse)

Minister Ministry/ministries
Asm. Horatio Eden Chief Minister

Minister for Home Affairs

HSH Prince James Minister for the Treasury

Minister for Justice

Asm. Richard Hytholoday Deputy Chief Minister

Minister for Commerce and Industry

Minister for Defence

Asm. Anders Saltborn Minister for Foreign Affairs

Minister for Immigration

Cassidy Shadow Cabinet (Social Democratic Party)

Minister Ministry/ministries
Asm. Thomas Cassidy Leader of the Opposition

Shadow Minister for Justice

Shadow Minister for Defence

Shadow Minister for Culture

Asm. Kit McCarthy Deputy Leader of the Opposition

Shadow Minister for the Treasury

Shadow Minister for Commerce and Industry

Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs

Asm. Patrick Renwick Shadow Minister for Home Affairs

Shadow Minister for Immigration

Previous business

Hytholoday Ministry

  • 3rd August, 2015
    • Elected Asm. Richard Hytholoday as Chief Minister
    • Ratified the third edition of the Würtige State Joining Treaty
  • 14th August, 2015
    • Passed the Political Parties and Caucuses Bill
    • Passed the Princely Reform Constitutional Amendment

Eden Ministry

  • 29th November, 2015
    • Elected Asm. Horatio Eden as Chief Minister
  • 14th December, 2015
    • Passed the Dominions and Wards Bill
    • Passed the National Symbolism Bill
    • Passed the Princely Charter of Incorporation for the Beacon City Media Corporation