Federation of Virtual Football

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Federation of Virtual Football (FVF)
Formation16 July 2015
TypeFootball Association
HeadquartersWashington, D.C., United States
Websitenone yet

The Federation of Virtual Football, or the FVF, is a federation of football associations, predominantly those of micronations and separatist regions, established in July 2015 to establish a virtual football competition. Founded alongside the Union of International Football, FVF is partners with and a mutual sponsor


FVF is governed primarily by its Congress consisting of its member FAs. It was created to provide a governing body for the FVF, to make it easier to communicate for all participants. Each full FVF member as well as the President of the FVF. Full members have full voting rights, whereas observers have half a vote. Its structure is very similar to that of UIF.

The FVF forms organised committeesin order to plan and prepare for upcoming competitions. However, because competitions are organised by the FVF, and all members in the chosen nation will rally to host the cup.


The president is elected by the FVF Congress annually with all members and observers entitled to vote in the election. However, members from tiers 2 to 5 votes are counted as 2 votes, will tier 1 votes are only counted as 1 vote. The standing president is also unable to operate as the delegate of a member FA if they are elected as president of the FVF.

Name Country Term Notes
NG Nedland 17 July 2015 to Present


FVF membership comes with the following:

  1. All nations applying must submit an FA logo (this can be COA)
  2. All nations applying must submit at least a named real life 5-a-side squad
  3. All nations applying must submit a national anthem, and should send us a link to the music of it (without vocals) to us
  4. All nations applying must submit a flag
  5. All nations applying must submit a named FVF delegate
  6. All nations applying must play at least 1 5-a-side fixture in a 1 year period, or be demoted to observer status

Full Members

The following are the members of the FVF:

Code Nation Association National teams Founded FVF
Continent/World Region
NDL Nedland Football Association of Nedland Men's 2015 2015 North America
VRT Vertigo Vertigan eSports Association Men's 2015 2015 Middle East
VYK Vyktory Vyktoryan Football Association Men's 2015 2015 Australia


The FVF has no observers as of yet.

FVF structured tournaments

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