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Faustus Sertorius Spago, normally just Spago, and informally Spagovir is a subject of the Aggrawal and an expert in its laws.

Micronational Career

Spago first became involved in micronationalism after trying to help a friend of his, who had been inspired by the Aerican Empire, found a micronation in mid-2013. This micronation has since died away.

Later, in mid 2014, he tried to create a new micronation, in which he headed the court system and the committee to draft a constitution. After setting up a provisional government, this micronation too soon died away due to the government's inability to meet. As the head of this micronation's courts, Spago ruled that the cultural minister could not force citizens to worship him.

In early 2015, Spago was among those who first swore loyalty to King Swapnil Aggrawal, creating the Aggrawal, and then to King Victor Aggrawal Veberus following the abdication of Swapnil. Under the reign of the second king Aggrawal, Spago began to adjudicate court cases and record the legal traditions of the Aggrawal.


Spago identifies as a left-leaning libertarian and market socialist.