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Welcome! This is the 'portal' page for the Empire of Førvania, as well as the user page for Emperor Nicholai I. I'll be providing a summary of Førvanian stuff, as well as some things about me. If you want to ask me anything, please do it on my talk page.

Sincerely, Emperor Nicholai I

Bienvenue! Ceci est la page 'portail' pour la Empire du Førvania , ainsi que la page de l'utilisateur pour Empereur Nicholai I. Je fournirai un résumé de choses Førvanian, ainsi que certaines choses sur moi. Si vous voulez me demander quoi que ce soit, s'il vous plaît le faire sur mon page de discussion.

Cordialement, Empereur Nicholai I

Velkomin! Þetta er síða 'vefgátt' fyrir Empire Førvania, auk notandi síðu fyrir Emperor Nicholai I. Ég ætla að veita yfirlit yfir Førvanian efni, eins og heilbrigður eins og sumir hluti um mig. Ef þú vilt spyrja mig neitt, skaltu gera það á síðunni tala mína.

Með kveðju, Emperor Nicholai I

Empire of Førvania My user page introduction
Førvania Flag.jpg

Førvania coat of arms.jpg

The Empire of Førvania is a gathering of enclaves that claims to be a sovereign state, but is referred to by the outside world as a micronation. Founded on March 10, 2015, in a geography classroom, by Emperor Nicholai I, it claims a total of seven enclaves in Victoria, Australia, five of which are in the Yarra Valley, one in Ballarat, and one which is in Hamilton. Førvania declared independence on June 16 of that year, and has gone on to receive a high status, being ranked 14th in the Most Influential Micronations List. Førvania is also a member of the Nollandish Confederacy, a founding member of the United Australian Micronations, and was formerly a member of the United Micronations that was founded in 2014.
Hello there, you've reached Emperor Nicholai I of Førvania. Unfortunately, I can't be here right now, but you can do the following things:
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Articles Featured Topic (December 2015)
The Skirmish of Quadpap was a battle fought between the Empire of Førvania and the Moleland Republic in Quadpap and the surrounding vicinity, as part of a war that had been going on since August 26, 2015. It began after a flag was placed up by Emperor Nicholai, which immediately bought the attention of Molelanders, who were playing downball nearby. The Emperor then asked nearby Australians to guard the flag, which they did, and then Moleland citizens started taking charges at the flag with the intent of bringing it down, before eventually succeeding within five minutes of the flag being placed down. This led to Førvania withdrawing its claim on the territory that evening.
People To do My other Internet roaming

Former Citizens

  • Create the pages for each individual region
  • Create royal family member pages
  • Work on PM pages
  • Update the page for the 2015 election

For a start, I am active on Twitter as @NickTheStatsGuy, where I have 130 followers (November 20, 2015).

I run my own blog on Wordpress, Statscrunch, where I comment about Australian sport mostly. Stuart Carey is a contributor.

I also cruise around on two other Internet forums: Foxes Talk, which is a forum for Leicester City FC fans, and Scandinavia and the World, a webcomic in the vein of Polandball and Hetalia. Nick the Stats Guy on the first, NickOfForvania on the second.

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