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House of Abbott
Abbott shield.png
CountryEniarku flag 2015.png Eniarku
TitlesDuke of Vicis
Duke of Eryia
Duke of Ibitea
Prince of Abbott
and others
Current headPrincess Yaroslava of Abbott
Foundingc. 1917
EthnicityRussian, Ukrainian, German, Anglo-Saxon

The House of Abbott is one of the main noble houses in the Kingdom of Eniarku. A family of largely Russian and Ukrainian origins, most of its members settled in southeast Michigan in the mid-twentieth century in between World War I and World War II, and many of them remain in this area to this day. The house boasts a fairly healthy pedigree – though this is downplayed at times by critics of the nobility, who argue that frequent divorce and issues of noble etiquette have lead to the house falling out of favor – and maintains a family tree that stretches far into the distant relatives of the current sovereign and other nobles.

Abbott is an official parent house of the House of Abbott-Lorráu, which was established upon the coronation of King Aaron on 6 March 2017 as the official royal house of the kingdom, along with the House of Lorráu (which consists of the king's maternal relatives). The Abbotts receive much of their acclaim as nobles by virtue of their ownership of the realm of Vicis, which spans the territory of the former capitol of Eniarku, as well as the Principality of Abbott, the kingdom's only overseas territory outside the continental United States.

Principal roles

Their principle roles (including those of their cadet branch) are:

  • King of Eniarku
  • Duke of Vicis
  • Duke of Eryia
  • Duke of Ibitea
  • Prince of Abbott
  • Earl of Melchin

The title Prince of Princess of Abbott is reserved for the head of the house, at present Princess Yaroslava of Abbott, and serves a functional role as the titular ruler of the Principality of Abbott (compare to the title Prince or Princess of Lorráu, which is nominally granted to the head of the House of Lorráu).


The membership of the House of Abbott is determined through a unique combination of matrilineal and patrilineal methods, extending outwards from the current sovereign, King Aaron, via Todd of Abbott. Though it is possible to trace the ancestry of the king's paternal grandfather (Roger, Earl of Melchin), this portion of the the family is typically excluded. The immediate membership of the house is as follows:

  • HSH Prince Oleksandr of Abbott
    m. HSH Princess Yaroslava of Abbott
    • HH Irene, Duchess of Eryia† DIV
      m. HG Roger, Earl of Melchin
      • Todd of Abbott‡ DIV
        m. HG Lady Pam von Hollenkamp
        • HRH Dylan, Duke of Vicis (initiator of the Abbott-Hollenkamp line)
      • HH Heather, Duchess of Eryia
        m. HH Ramie, Duke of Eryia
        • HRH Kyle, Prince of Eniarku
    • Oleksandr AbbottDISG
      m. with revoked titles HH Maria, Duchess of Ibitea (Oleksandr's former titles granted to her)
      • HG Lady Ina of Ibitea
      • HG Lady Lora of Ibitea
        m. Sir Deke
        • two children
      • HG Lady Sonya of Ibitea
        m. Sir Paul
        • Kassius of Abbott
  • Unknown sibling of Princess Yaroslava
    • descendants thereof

* Membership disputed
UNM Unmarried
DIV Divorced
DISG Disgraced
m. Married

Rulers of the House of Abbott

Though the Eniarkian monarchy officially belongs to the cadet house of Abbott-Lorráu, the noble house still maintains rule and ownership of many different realms in its own right that have come under the control of the Kingdom of Eniarku proper. Their coats of arms therefore reflect the assortment of titles and properties that each member possesses, and have throughout history been both complex or rather simple (owing to the ebb and flow of control that the Abbotts have maintained over time). All of the current members of the house are descended from the original Prince of Abbott, the maternal great-grandfather of King Aaron.

Irenian line: Dukes of Vicis and Eryia

Upon the establishment of the kingdom in 2015, the Abbotts that trace their lineage back to Irene, Duchess of Eryia came into possession of the Duchy of Vicis and the Duchy of Eryia, provinces of historical and current significance in Eniarku, respectively. Coats of arms of Vicis nobility feature the historic arms of Vicis in the first and fourth quarters and the Abbott arms in the second and third.

A bold name indicates a current duke or duchess.

  • EN Dylan coa.png Prince Dylan, titular duke of Vicis from 2015–present
  • EN Eryia coa.png Irene, 1st Duchess of Eryia from 2010–c. 2011
    • EN Eryia coa.png Heather, Duchess of Eryia, from c. 2011–present

Marian line: Dukes of Ibitea

The Ibitean Abbotts have had a troubled history. The original duke and great-uncle to the king, Oleksandr, was officially disgraced by the sovereign in 2015 and as a result holds no royal or noble titles. In an effort to ensure the continuance of the Duchy of Ibitea, the king formally granted Oleksandr's former titles to his ex-wife, Duchess Maria, from whom the title now stems. Coats of arms of the Ibitean nobility feature the arms of Ibitea in the first and fourth quarters and the Abbott arms in the second and third.

A bold name indicates the current duke or duchess.

  • EN Ibitea coa.png Maria, Duchess of Ibitea, from 2015–present
    • EN Ibitea coa.png Lady Ina of Ibitea, heir apparent from 2015–present (no issue)
    • EN Ibitea coa.png Lady Lara of Ibitea, second in line

Descendants of the siblings of Princess Yaroslava

While relatives closer in age to the sovereign are known quite well by members of the royal family, their ancestry is not entirely clear. Princess Yaroslava of Abbott is known to have had at least one sister, who in turn had several children of her own (the cousins of Irene, the late duchess of Eryia), though the exact lineage has not yet been traced by either His Majesty's Government or the royal court, so they are largely excluded in the lists presented here.

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House of Abbott
Founding year: 1917
Preceded by
Duchy established
Ruling house of the Duchy of Vicis
Since 2015
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Duchy established
Ruling house of the Duchy of Eryia
Since 2010
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Duchy established
Ruling house of the Duchy of Ibitea
Since 2015
Succeeded by
Preceded by
County established
Ruling house of Melchin
Since 2015
Succeeded by

Styles of
Evan, Prince of August
Evan cypher.png
Reference style His His Royal Highness
Spoken style Your Royal Highness
Alternative style Sir

Coat of arms of Eniarku/sandbox2
The Empress' coat of arms has no official status.
Impaled, I quarterly, 1st Per pale Gules and Or two keys respectant in saltire, wards uppermost, chained through their bows (Peters); 2nd three Argent five-pointed stars on Sable quartered Argent (Hartmann); 3rd three Argent five-pointed stars on Sable quartered Argent and 4th Per pale Gules and Or two keys respectant in saltire, wards uppermost, chained through their bows; II, bordure compony Argent and Azure; field Sable with three garb Or charged (Birkett).
NAC Empress Standard.png The Empress' personal Imperial Standard is a dark maroon square flag bordered with the color of the Flag of the North American Confederation (a dark blue field), and charged with a bald eagle with Argent 5 five-pointed stars in the four corners.
The personal coat of arms of the Empress impales the House of Hartmann-Peters Arms (her husband's shield) to the dexter (viewer's left) with her father's shield, the arms of the House of Birkett to the sinister (viewer's right).