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Prince Josiah I of House Godbey

The United States has overthrown it’s Democratic Republic in a Veterans uprising and installed Bobby Joe Godbey jr. a retired MSGSgt of the Marine Corps to King Robert Joseph I Lord Commander in Chief of the Empire of house Godbey and his son a former Spc in the Army Infantry as Prince Josiah I of house Godbey through family blood ties to Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams the Bush, Clinton, Lee, Penn, Sodwell, and Ellis families and reorganized the government into a militarized Federal Monarchy with a limited republic for local matters and in time looked to the North into the vast resources Canada holds and for National security purposes Anexes the region to complete its Manifest destiny. Meanwhile after post Brexit Britain led to the expulsion of the Islamists and the further devolution of the United Lingdom to the State of England, Scotland, Wales and United Ireland dissatisfied with Charles III Parliment enacted the Royal Godbey law which gave the Godbeys Claim to the English, Scottish, and Welch thrones from being decedents to the Anglo Saxon Kings, William the Conqueror, Plantagenet, Bruce, York, Tudor, Stuart, Hastings,and Stewart therefore annexinf Scottland, England, and Wales. Soon Prince Josiah I converts to Catholicism and becomes Josiah I prince of Ireland therefore uniting the emerald isle to the Imperial Federation of Avalon the isle of Mann is renamed Avalon with a majestic capital built with a round table of Congress where the Emperor sits as its head congress is therefore a representative advisor role in the Empire Papuai New Guine, New Zealand, and Australia soon join the fold of the Empire with dissent in France and Germany because the migrant crises they look back to the Godbey bloodline desending from Charlemagne Greater France is eatablished with annexing wallonia and fremch Switzerland while Germany united with Austria the Sudetenland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein into the Imperial Federation